Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bigfoot Sighted In San Antonio

For the past couple of weeks a Bigfoot-like, hairy creature, some describe it as a monkey or baboon, has been sighted off of Highway 151 in San Antonio, TX.

On November 30, 2009, a group of homeless people called the cops claiming to have witnessed a 6ft tall hairy Bigfoot-like creature drag a deer carcass off into the woods. Police investigated and noted that the individuals were not intoxicated and seemed legitimately frightened for their safety. Since then the cops and local news stations have been flooded with reports of similar encounters. Strangely, the employees of one business claim to have seen a baboon-like creature digging in the dumpster. The creature left behind prints which do look surprisingly simian, or even canine-like.

All of the sightings are centered around highway 151, with most witnesses viewing the creature while driving. The sightings were first reported on the south side and over the past two weeks have switched to the west side, indicating that people might truly be seeing some form of creature that is traveling.

Callers Say 'Bigfoot' Creature Spotted On West Side

Recent Rash Of Bigfoot Sightings In San Antonio

San Antonio Bigfoot Report

UPDATE: The creature in the dumpster more than likely was a monkey or ape. The nearest Biomedical Research Lab has already stated they are not missing any animals.

Video at the following link:

So What's Monkeying Around At Body Shop?

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