Monday, November 30, 2009

Lovecraft's "Cosmic Horror"

In order to appreciate Lovecraft's work, it's important to realize how Lovecraft viewed the universe and of man's relation to it.

Basically, Lovecraft correctly realized that humanity is an extremely trivial and fragile species, obsessed with a self-centered and deluded, inflated egotistical understanding of our importance in the grand scheme of things. Humanity on a whole is simply naive and ignorant about the harsh truth of reality.

The characters in Lovecraft's stories all pretty much go through he same basic process of unfoldment, with characters starting off as living in a "reality bubble", going about their daily lives with the false assumption that they understand what reality is and how the world operates. Quickly a series of events is triggered which unfold through the course of the story. Such experiences serve to burst the character's "reality bubble", exposing the unfortunate individuals to horrible realities they would be better off not knowing of. The end result is that the characters are either driven insane or kill themselves, if not commit gruesome crimes before doing so.

Although I don't take such a drastic outlook of humanity as Lovecraft did, I do fully believe that most people live their lives within a very small "reality bubble" of their own creation, completely oblivious to any reality existing outside of their self-imposed prison. Such individuals are in for a very rude and traumatic awakening when and if events should take place which serve to shake up or threaten to shatter their world-views.

I also share Lovecraft's understanding of the greatness of the universe and of man's utter insignificance. We are of little to no importance in the grand scheme of things. We speak of "the end of the world" without even understanding that we are actually speaking about the end of humanity, not of the planet, and definitely not of the universe! LOL

Also, like Lovecraft I ponder the possible existence of species eons more advanced than our own species. Perhaps such beings do exist and are out there yet for some reason we simply aren't able to detect them due to our extremely primitive state. Or perhaps such beings are currently here but that since our "reality bubbles" aren't big enough to include them, we ignore any evidence to suggest we are not alone (cough, cough...UFOs).

The following clip serves as a good model to show just how extremely tiny and fragile we are in relation to the Universe.

If this clip doesn't get to you, then take some time to go out into the country, away from city lights at night. Stare up into the night sky and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by sheer number of stars, stars which have been burning for billions of years longer than you or I have lived.

Let's face it. Humans are insignificant.

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