Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lonnie Zamora Passes (1933-2009)

Lonnie Zamora, retired New Mexico police and UFO witness has died.

Zamora rose to public attention with one of the most well documented UFO sightings of the past century, a sighting which included physical evidence.

Zamora was chasing a speeder on April 24, 1964 when he encountered a large, white, egg-shaped craft with a reg insignia on it's side. Around the craft were small, child-sized beings dressed in white overalls. Upon seeing Zamora, the beings quickly entered the craft and the craft took off. Zamora was so shaken-up by his sighting that he requested to speak to a priest.

Project Bluebook investigated Zamora's sighting and Major Hector Quintanilla, in a secret report to the CIA, described the Zamora sighting as "the best-documented case on record".

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