Sunday, September 6, 2009

Poll Results: With Regard To Proving The Existance Of Bigfoot, Should We Kill One Or Capture One?

For the question, "With Regard To Proving The Existence Of Bigfoot, Should We Kill One Or Capture One?",and the results are in.

Tying at 3rd place with 4% of the vote:

Kill It (Science Will Not Accept Anything Short Of A Bigfoot Corpse To Prove Bigfoot's Existence.)


I'm Not Sure

At 2nd Place with 28% of the vote:

Bigfoot Doesn't Exist.

An at first place with 61% of the vote:

Capture It (Bigfoot Might Be Related To Humans Therefore To Kill It Might Be Akin To Murder, Or The Species Might Be On The Brink Of Extinction So To Kille One Might Endanger The Survival Of The Species, Etc...)

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