Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Maryland Goatman

The Goatman of Maryland, is a reported Satyr-like monster that stalks the area of Prince George's County. Sightings of the Goatman date back to the 1950s.

Appearance: A Satyr-like being, part-human, part-goat or in other words, a man from the waist up, with a goat's body below the waist, complete with the ears and horns of a goat on it's head. In other versions of the tale, the Goatman is merely a deranged man who dresses in furs and who roams the woods, often wielding an axe.

Lore: According to legend, the Goatman is said to attack couples making out in their cars in out of the way places, to vandalize property, and to kill and/or consume local pets.

The most popular tale concerning the origin of the monster is that the creature was created at the United States Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville, Maryland, and then subsequently escaped. Other versions insist that the Goatman was deliberately freed by it's creator after he learned that the poor creature was to be put to death after the experiments were discontinued. In another story, the Goatman is a deranged scientist who worked on goats at the Agricultural Research Center and who now dresses up in furs and attacks animals and people. A final theory is that the Goatman is simply an escaped mental patient who has never been caught.

Goatman In The News: In November 1971, the Prince George's County news featured a couple of stories of animal mutilations which were attributed to the Goatman. Among other things, the articles documented the sightings of the monster, described as either a large beast or as an unidentified animal that appeared to be walking on it's hind legs.

Goatman Across The Country: Sightings of similar Satyr-like beings have been reported in Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, and California.

Trivia: Cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman, suggests that the Bunnyman and the Goatman are the same entity.

The Goatman

The Goatman Legend Of Prince George's County

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