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Walsh, Susan

Susan Walsh is an exotic dancer and freelance journalist who wrote articles on the sex industry and the Russian Mafia. Walsh rose to fame not so much for her writings but for her strange disappearance, a disappearance that some believe was connected to her unpublished work on Vampires in New York City.

Walsh infiltrated the underground Vampire lifestyle in NYC, writing an article for Village Voice on the subject. The paper chose not to publish the article citing that Walsh did not remain objective to the topic. It is believed that Walsh may have become caught up in the lifestyle, possibly believing in the actual existence of Vampires. During this time it is claimed that Walsh began a sexual relationship with a man who professed to be a real Vampire.

On the morning of July 16, 1996, Susan Walsh disappeared, leaving behind her 12 year old son. It is believed she may have stepped out to simply use a payphone as there is no indication she planned on leaving for any great length of time. Walsh did not take along her wallet, money, or other belongings.

Theories abound as to what happened to Walsh. Some of the most common theories include Walsh's abduction at the hands of the Russian Mafia, her inclusion in the Witness Protection Program, her suicide, and her abduction by Vampires. With regards to the Russian Mafia theory, Walsh complained of being stalked by members of the Russian Mafia. Unfortunately, most of the people she confided in seemed to have dismissed her fears as being mere paranoia. According to some, Walsh has attempted suicide in the past. Complicating matters is the fact that Walsh is a recovering alcoholic and is known to be a drug user. Probably the most titillating of the theories surrounding Susan Walsh's disappearance is that of abduction by Vampires. According to believers, Walsh got too close to the truth about Vampires living amongst us and was abducted in order to silence her. To date, there is simply no evidence to support any theory surrounding her disappearance. It should be noted that the last sighting of Susan Walsh occurred after she was reported missing. According to friends, Susan Walsh got into a black limousine which quickly drove off. Walsh was never seen again.

Please visit the site below. Susan Walsh would be circa 50 years-old today. If anyone has seen Susan Walsh or has any information surrounding her disappearance, please contact the Nutly Police Department at 973-284-4940 or the New Jersey State Police at 800-709-7090. You can remain anonymous.

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For an excellent book on Susan Walsh's disappearance and the underground Vampire subculture in society, check out Piercing The Darkness: Undercover With Vampires In America Today by Katherine Ramsland.

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