Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Werewolf In Oklahoma?

I received a strange comment from an individual who seems to be claiming to be a werewolf.

This isn't the first time I've heard tales of supposedly real werewolves. Back in say 1996 or so, my friend and I were clubbing and ran into an acquaintance and her sister. During conversation, the sister of our acquaintance admitted to us that her boyfriend was a werewolf. I thought she was joking, as if she meant that her boyfriend was an animal in the sack, but she was extremely serious.

According to this woman, her boyfriend would transform into a werewolf on nights with a full moon. His arms and face would become hairier, with the hair standing on end. His teeth and fingernails would elongate and he would bare his teeth like an animal. She claims that he exhibited super-human strength during his transformation.

My friend and I just didn't know what to say, especially since this isn't the most normal of things to discuss, especially at a nightclub.

I do have to admit that I am a skeptic. I'm open-minded, but a skeptic no-less.

This said, I would like to communicate with the individual who left me the message, or even any other person who believes them self to be a real werewolf or who supposedly knows of a real werewolf.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vampires At The Colored Elevators In Downtown Oklahoma City

Last night I paid a visit to a place called the colored elevators in downtown Oklahoma City. It's a place I frequent from fond memories of my High school years as it was a place my friends and I would hang out at. My first trip to the site was back in 1994.

The colored elevators is the parking garage next door to the Skirvin hotel located in downtown Oklahoma City. The colored elevators gets it's name from the fact that the elevator doors on each level used to be painted bright colors. Today the elevator doors are all painted black but one can still see the various colored doors to the levels of the garage if one takes the stairs.

A lot of strange and sad stuff has happened at the colored elevators, including a couple who committed suicide by jumping off of the top level of the garage back in the mid 1990's.

So now that I explained a little about what the colored elevators are, let me now get to the good stuff!

This story was related to my by a good friend whom I shall refer to as "Bethina".

Bethina claims that in the early 1990's she was taken to an abandoned warehouse in the area behind the colored elevators by a man. The two did not enter the building, but the man did tell her to go peek into the windows of the warehouse. In doing so, Bethina discovered that the inside was decorated in Gothic-style decor, with upside-down crucifixes and black and burgundy drapes. When Bethina asked the man what this place was she was told that it was the home of a supposedly real-life clan or "coven" of vampires. The leader of the clan was a female vampire who claimed to be over 2,000 years old. Before leaving, the man told Bethina that one could see the warehouse the vampire clan lived in from the top of the colored elevators.

(View from the top looking behind the colored elevators)
Unfortunately a lot has changed in the 15+ years since Bethina had the experience. Bethina, another friend of mine, and I have all attempted to find the warehouse by driving in the daytime but have had no luck. Many to most of the abandoned warehouses in the area have been demolished to build new structures, including a field where buffalo art sculptures graze!

Regardless, every time I visit the colored elevators I still find myself gazing in the distance behind the garage, hoping to catch a glimpse of that elusive, dilapidated structure in which a clan of Oklahoma vampires is said to dwell.

If you know of any further information concerning a clan of vampires living in the area behind the colored elevators, or other locations in Oklahoma associated with vampires, then please leave a comment or send me an email (email address to the right).

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Burning Times (1990)

A good documentary on The Burning Times, or the witch hunts of the middle ages, which aired on TLC in 1990. The documentary is geared to the empowerment of modern women and a return to feminine spirituality and view of deity, i.e. goddess worship.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vampire Secrets (2006)

Walsh, Susan

Susan Walsh is an exotic dancer and freelance journalist who wrote articles on the sex industry and the Russian Mafia. Walsh rose to fame not so much for her writings but for her strange disappearance, a disappearance that some believe was connected to her unpublished work on Vampires in New York City.

Walsh infiltrated the underground Vampire lifestyle in NYC, writing an article for Village Voice on the subject. The paper chose not to publish the article citing that Walsh did not remain objective to the topic. It is believed that Walsh may have become caught up in the lifestyle, possibly believing in the actual existence of Vampires. During this time it is claimed that Walsh began a sexual relationship with a man who professed to be a real Vampire.

On the morning of July 16, 1996, Susan Walsh disappeared, leaving behind her 12 year old son. It is believed she may have stepped out to simply use a payphone as there is no indication she planned on leaving for any great length of time. Walsh did not take along her wallet, money, or other belongings.

Theories abound as to what happened to Walsh. Some of the most common theories include Walsh's abduction at the hands of the Russian Mafia, her inclusion in the Witness Protection Program, her suicide, and her abduction by Vampires. With regards to the Russian Mafia theory, Walsh complained of being stalked by members of the Russian Mafia. Unfortunately, most of the people she confided in seemed to have dismissed her fears as being mere paranoia. According to some, Walsh has attempted suicide in the past. Complicating matters is the fact that Walsh is a recovering alcoholic and is known to be a drug user. Probably the most titillating of the theories surrounding Susan Walsh's disappearance is that of abduction by Vampires. According to believers, Walsh got too close to the truth about Vampires living amongst us and was abducted in order to silence her. To date, there is simply no evidence to support any theory surrounding her disappearance. It should be noted that the last sighting of Susan Walsh occurred after she was reported missing. According to friends, Susan Walsh got into a black limousine which quickly drove off. Walsh was never seen again.

Please visit the site below. Susan Walsh would be circa 50 years-old today. If anyone has seen Susan Walsh or has any information surrounding her disappearance, please contact the Nutly Police Department at 973-284-4940 or the New Jersey State Police at 800-709-7090. You can remain anonymous.

Susan Walsh At The Charley Project

Susan Walsh At Unsolved Mysteries

For an excellent book on Susan Walsh's disappearance and the underground Vampire subculture in society, check out Piercing The Darkness: Undercover With Vampires In America Today by Katherine Ramsland.

The Virgin Mary Is A Piece Of Sh*T

A Texas family believes they were blessed with a miracle in the form of a bird droppings on their truck in the shape of the Virgin Mary. The family does not intend on washing off the blessed mess.

Image Of Virgin Mary Appears In Bird Dropping On Area Family’s Truck

Thursday, July 16, 2009

MonsterQuest: American Werewolf

The Beast Of Bray Road

The Beast of Bray Road or the Wisconsin Werewolf, is a reported hairy werewolf-like humanoid reported in Wisconsin, especially around the city of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, the location of Bray Road. It should be noted that the monster is in no way confined to the location of Bray Road itself, as the creature or multiple creatures have been seen all throughout the state and even into bordering states. Sightings of the monster date back to the early 1980s, though some claim they can be traced back to the late 1930s.

Appearance: The creature has been described as either being a large, hairy monster, similar to the portrayal of werewolves in movies. Other witnesses describe a more bigfoot-like monster. There are rare reports of a strange looking bear with human features.

Lore: Many of the sightings of the beast entail the monster being seen eating roadkill. Despite the title of "werewolf", there are no known human casualties attributed to the monster. There is a huge debate among believers on whether or not the creature is a bigfoot, a werewolf, or some other unidentified monster.

One of the most unusual sightings involved security guard Mark Shackleman. Shakleman discovered what he first thought to be a dog digging in a nearby Native American burial mound behind his station. Upon investigation he discovered a large, hairy, werewolf-like monster with claws, digging in the dirt. Shackelman claims the creature walked away but returned the next night. During Shackelman's second encounter, the beast was said to have vocalized the word, "gadara". Shackelman remains convinced that monster is nothing less than a demon from Hell.

Reporter Linda Godfrey, the premiere expert on the monster and the person responsible for bringing more attention to the subject, became obsessed with the creature after learning that a local animal control officer kept a file on sightings of the monster. The file was simply labeled, "werewolf". Godfrey went on to publish articles on the creature, has written books on the creature, and has also appeared in documentaries concerning sightings of the creature.

The Beast Of Bray Road

The Beast Of Bray Road (Book)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sightings: Werewolf

A segment of the t.v. show detailing the case of William Ramsey, the Southend Werewolf.

The Batman Of Houston, Texas

The Batman of Houston, TX, is the name given to a reported entity witnessed by Mrs. Hilda Walker, Judy Meyers and Howard Phillips, in 1953. The trio had been sitting on the front porch when they witnessed the monster land in a nearby Pecan tree. Mrs. Walker was the first to notice the creature, mistaking it at first for the shadow of a moth flying around a street lamp.

Appearance: A 6 1/2ft humanoid being with bat-like wings, dressed in dark, skin-tight clothing. A dim halo of grayish-colored light surrounded the being.

Lore: The entity swayed back and forth on the limb of the tree, staring at the trio for a short time before slowly fading from view, as if becoming transparent or invisible. When the creature disappeared, the three witnesses observed a bright light and heard a strange "swooshing" sound over nearby homes.

Mysterious America by Loren Coleman

The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed (2003)

On December 8, 1965, something fell out of the sky and landed near Kecksburg, PA. Witnesses claim the object was metallic, the size of a Volkswagen beetle, and shaped like a giant acorn with no windows and no seams or rivets. On the object was a band of strange hieroglyphic-like symbols that could not identified by on-lookers. Witnesses also claim that the crash invoked a huge military response with Army men arriving to the scene shortly after the object's crash site was found in the woods. Later witnesses would claim to see the Army haul off an acorn-shaped object, under tarp, on a flatbed truck.

The official explanation was that the Army found nothing in the woods and that the object was merely a meteor. Whatever occurred, the town remained divided. The people in town who witnessed the events were not believed by those who did not witness the events, or perhaps they merely refused to believe.

To watch the documentary, The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed, click HERE.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sci Fi Declassified: UFO Invasion At Rendlesham (2003)

One of the better documentaries on the Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest UFO Incidents. Pay close attention to Jim Penniston's description of the craft. Either he is describing a highly advanced UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle), or even more intriguing, a form of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

Both Jim Penniston and John Burroughs believe they received telepathic communication indicating that the unidentified crafts were from the future. Burroughs claimed to have received notice that "they" would return in the near future, circa 2012-2015. Under Hypnosis, Burroughs also recalls seeing an "evil-looking face". Otherwise, only Larry Warren claims to have seen beings during the encounter.

Several of the individuals involved with the sighting claimed they were drugged, interrogated, and subjected to mind-control tactics by OSI-type people within a day or so of the sightings.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Search For The Mothman (2002)

Hyre, Mary

Mary Hyre was the Point Pleasant, WV, corespondent for the Athens, OH, newspaper titled, The Messenger. Hyre documented strange occurrences happening in Point Pleasant in 1966-1967 and was well loved by locals due to her professional and open-minded take on the subjects. In one weekend alone, Hyre received 500 reports of UFO sightings from locals. Hyre's fascination with flying saucers stemmed from her own sighting of a UFO which she claimed flew over her backyard.

Friendship With John Keel: Hyre played a pivotal role with her coverage of the Mothman sightings, befriending and working closely with author/journalist John A. Keel, who later went on to write The Mothman Prophecies. The character of the female sheriff who befriends Richard Gere's character in the movie version of The Mothman Prophecies is based on Mary Hyre.

Men In Black And Other Encounters With Strange People: Hyre's fascination with the subject of UFOs as well as her work with John Keel, seems to have drawn unwanted attention from the dreaded Men In Black. Hyre claimed to have been visited by strange "Oriental"-looking men dressed in black, who told her to stop researching the subject of flying saucers. This would not be the only strange experience Hyre had with unusual looking people. Hyre also reported an encounter with an extremely short man with large, hypnotic eyes. The man was not dressed for the cold weather and asked Hyre for directions to a nearby town. During this encounter, the man picked up a ball-point pen off Hyre's desk and stared at it as if he had never seen such object before. The man later laughed and fled the room, with no one seeing where he disappeared too. Some time later, Hyre had another run-in with the strange midget while exiting her work and heading to her car after working late one night. The man just stood there and stared at Hyre until a black car raced around the corner and picked him up. Hyre never encountered the strange dwarf again, though did find out that other Men In Black-type people were going around town asking to interview and photograph people who witnessed UFOs or had paranormal experiences. These Men In Black claimed to be close friends of Hyre in an attempt to get people to speak with them. Author John A. Keel subsequently dubbed these individuals, Phantom Photographers.

Death: Mary Hyre died on February 15, 1970 at the age of 54. Her death was sudden and unexpected, leading some to speculate that Hyre was murdered for her research of UFOs and of the paranormal events occurring in Point Pleasant, WV in 1966-1967. Other people attribute her death to the dreaded Mothman Curse, while the official cause of her death is blamed on a recent illness and heart disease.

John A. Keel Has Passed (1930-2009)

Author/journalist John A. Keel passed away on July 3, 2009. Keel authored countless books on the subject of UFOs and the paranormal, but rose to mainstream fame with the publication of The Mothman Prophecies in 1975, which was later turned into a movie in 2002 staring Richard Gere.

R.I.P. John A. Keel, you will be greatly missed.

If you haven't yet read The Mothman Prophecies then you truly don't know what you are missing. The book is far scarier than the movie could ever hope to be. I remember not being able to sleep the night I first read it!

John A. Keel Has Died

The Mothman Prophecies

Jennifer's Body (2009)

A cheerleader (Megan Fox) becomes possessed by a demon and starts preying on teenage boys.

Jennifer's Body premieres on September 18, 2009.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

D.C .

D.C., short for Demon Cat, or The Demon Cat of Capital Hill, is a reported phantom black cat that makes appearances in and around the nation's capital, especially favoring the capital building.

Appearance: A phantom black cat with glowing eyes.

Lore: According to legend, sightings of D.C. are omens if ill fortune, predicting upcoming disaster or tragedy for the United States. The phantom is said to have made appearances shortly before the stock market crash in 1929 as well as the presidential assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy. D.C. has a set pattern of behavior with regard to making itself known. The individual who is chosen to witness the creature is almost always alone and in a darkened environment. The individual will see what appears to be a black household cat in the distance approaching him. As D.C. nears the witness it will increase in size to that of a big cat, appearing similar to a black panther with glowing eyes. The creature will growl and leap at the victim, disappearing in mid flight before making contact with it's "prey". The witness is usually badly shaken-up but is rarely harmed by the encounter.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Babalu Aye

Babalu Aye (ba-ba-loo-ah-yay) is the Orisha of sickness, especially associated with the disease smallpox, in the Youruba derived religions such as IFA, Santeria, Candomble and Umbanda, among others.

Babalu Aye, as a spirit of sickness, can heal by removing disease from inflicted individuals.

Sacred colors: Brown, black and purple
Sacred number: 17
Saint: St. Lazarus
Other Names: Omolu, Soponna, Shonponno, Obaluaye, Sakpata, Shakpana, etc.
For an image of Babalu Aye, click HERE.

Appearance: Babalu Aye appears as lame man, carrying a walking stick, and with his face disguised (His face is disfigured from boils and scars from smallpox). In this form, the plague god travels the earth, accompanied by dogs.

Lore: According to legend, the Orishas threw a party one day, during which Babalu Aye danced so strangely that he aroused the laughter of every Orisha in attendance. Filled with anger, Babalu Aye cursed his fellow Orisha with all manner of plagues and boils. In response, the Orisha tracked Babalu Aye down and beat him within an inch of his life, laming him. This is why Babalu Aye must walking with a stick or cane. Luckily, had the Orisha not have lamed Babalu Aye, then he might have well destroyed the entire human race.

Although originally the spirit of smallpox, Babalu Aye is now viewed as the spirit of all diseases and is especially associated with plagues, including the modern day plague of HIV/AIDS.

Trivia: St. Lazarus was equated with Babalu Aye due to the visual similarities in the above image, a purple-clothed, lame man with walking stick. In many places of the world, dogs are considered to be "unclean", and bearers of plague. Such animals are the perfect familiars of the god of illness.

Desi Arnaz: Playing the character Ricky Ricardo, Arnaz changes the name of the Tropicana club to Club Babalu. Later in the show, Arnaz sings the famous Babalu-Aye, a song dedicated to the god of illness. Unfortunately, Arnaz mistakes Babalu Aye for the Orisha Shango/Chango. Shango is the Orisha of thunder, fire, and is king of the other Orisha.


Batsquatch is the name given to a reported unknown flying creature said to haunt the Pacific Northwest, especially around the area of Mt. St. Helens. The creature gets it's name from combining it's bat-like appearance with the legends of the unknown hairy hominid named Sasquatch. Sightings of Batsquatch first began to be reported in the early 1980s.

Appearance: A large, bat-like creature, with purple skin and red, glowing eyes. In some sightings the creature is reported as being covered in hair and having a head similar to that of a monkey, hence a synonym for the creature, "Flying Monkeys". Only rarely is the Batquatch described as a winged, humanoid being.

Lore: One of the most often reported sightings of the monster, that made by one Butch Whittaker, can be found on several websites and is likely to be a hoax. In the story, Butch Whittaker, a liquor store owner, snapped photographs of a Batsquatch while traveling by plane in route to Mt. Rainier in 1994. Whitaker went on to attribute the deaths of several animals to the work of the monster.

In April of 2009, paranormal researcher Paul Dale Roberts received a phone call from a man who claimed to have a sighting of Batsquatch while hiking on Mt. Shasta. Roberts communicated with the individual but then broke off contact after the man began stating his desire to bait and trap the creature.

Some Cryptozoologists believe that the Batsquatch might be a Flying Fox that escaped from captivity and has managed to survive.



Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Johnny Depp On Dillinger's Ghost

Actor Johnny Depp recently admitted to feeling the presence of John Dillinger's ghost while shooting scenes for his movie, Public Enemies.

Johnny Depp Claims Dillinger's Ghost Watched Him Work

Update On Robert Hasting's "UFOs And Nukes" Larry King Show

Robert Hasting has just announced that the Larry King show on UFOs and Nukes that was to be scheduled for July 3, 2009 has been postponed due to the death of Michael Jackson. No word yet on when the show will air.

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