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Screen Memory

A Screen Memory, is a false memory that masks a true true memory of an experience. In Psychoanalysis, a Screen Memory serves to protect a fragile psyche from a traumatic experience by offering a false memory in it's place. The true memory is not lost, but is buried deep "behind" the Screen Memory. Individuals who have suffered traumatic experiences such as physical and sexual abuse, are most likely to create Screen Memories as a way of sheltering their conscious mind from painful memories.

With regards to the Alien Abduction phenomena, researcher Budd Hopkins was the first to recognize that abductees were routinely describing Screen Memories with regards to their reported experience. At first, Alien Abduction researchers assumed the abductee created the Screen Memory in order to protect their psyche from the traumatic experience of the abduction. However, with time it became clear that this was not the case. Screen Memories were being planted by the aliens themselves.

Case in point: In a interview, Budd Hopkins relates a story about a car-load of people who report a strange experience while driving home one evening. The individuals claimed they drove upon a car pile-up, involving 6-8 red cars with their headlights on and with no one around. When the individuals arrived home they discovered the drive took far longer than it should have. Later, upon investigation and under hypnosis, a classic alien abduction even took place. Had the memory of the car-pile up been a Screen Memory created by the individuals to protect their fragile minds, then each individual would have created a unique Screen Memory. It would be rather impossible for each individual to have a shared Screen Memory unless such false memory is forced upon them from some outside force.

Most Common Screen Memories With Regard To The Alien Abduction Phenomena:

-Animals: The most commonly reported Screen Memories are of strange interactions with animals. Four of the most commonly reported animal Screen Memories are Deer, Cows, Owls, and Wolves. Usually the abductee will relate an unusual experience of driving down the highway to discover a weird animal standing in the road, or if the abduction takes place at home, of an animal standing at the window staring at them. In most of the cases, the sighting of the animal invokes an extreme level of fear in the individual. This may lead the investigator to believe that the memory was a Screen Memory. After all, who would be terrified out of their wits to discover a deer looking into their window? One of the most humorous cases of a Screen Memory was related by Budd Hopkins of an abductee who came home to her family late one night and was extremely excited about a cow she had seen. The abductee claimed the creature was the most beautiful cow she had ever seen and that the animal was able to run at the same speed in which she drove, staring at her through her driver window with large, beautiful black eyes that radiated love and peace to her. She had no explanation on why the drive home took her an hour later than normal.

-Car Wrecks or Vehicles Blocking The Road (If the abductee is on the road at the time of abduction.)

-Emergency or Utility Vehicles (Can be when the abduction is on the road or at home. In the book/movie, Intruders, a Screen Memory is presented with an abductee thinking that there is a utility company vehicle, complete with flashing lights, outside of her house in the middle of the night. She calls to complain only to discover the utility company is closed.)

-Religious Figures (Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Angels are the most popular.)

-Deceased Relatives (Very common, with the Screen Memory being that a deceased relative came into the bedroom and talked with the abductee or asked them to go with them somewhere.)

-Miscellaneous or Unique (Clowns, Beautiful people, Fairies and other beings of folklore/myth, Ghosts, Burglars, or a Screen Memory that is completely unique to the individual abductee and not reported by other abductees)

What is important to remember is that all Screen Memories fall apart under investigation/hypnosis. If the abductee seeks help from a qualified investigator, the investigator will most likely be well aware of Screen Memories and can quite easily pick them out. The investigator will look for signs of illogical or irrational aspects of the Screen Memory and confront the abductee regarding them, such as a cow that can run alongside a moving car, for example. The abductee then will usually begin to question their memories and the false memory quickly evaporates. It should be stressed that Abduction researchers believe these Screen Memories are being implanted by the aliens as a means of covering up the abduction experience. It should also be stressed that with regards to Screen Memories, researchers do not believe the aliens are actually shape-shifting. Instead, researchers believe the aliens use their telepathic and mind control abilities to alter the perceptions of abductees.

Screen Memories In Film: In Steven Spielberg's Taken, Screen Memories in the form of a carnie worker (?), military men, and a character from a children's book are used on abductees. The upcoming movie, The Fourth Kind, includes screen memories in the form of owls.

Observation: I've often pondered if reports of Phantom Clowns and the like, are actually Screen Memories associated with Alien Abduction.

*According to some skeptical mental health professionals, Alien Abduction is itself a Screen Memory to mask childhood sexual abuse.


Anonymous said...

I have very vivid screen memories invoving both deer and mice from when I was a child. Both images evoked strong feelings of panic, revulsion, and physical nauseousness. I am the only person I have contacted who has any memories of mice and am curious to find if there are others....

Rachel said...

I was always having a black cat visit me at night I would wake to find the cat on the bed I had no clue who's the cat it was or why it was there I remember it came through the quaterlight window I remember petting and talking to it was always friendly, but one night it turned nasty on me n scratched n bit.I never saw the cat again after that, and only just recently remembered about the visits
Just a cat ? Or a screen memory ?
Who knows

Anonymous said...

I have had quite a few UFO experiences. However there seems to be something that impedes actual abductions per se and have seen events very similar to the footage of the projectile footage shot at that UFO that appeared to be in Earth orbit. Something showed interest in my Amateur astronomy (again) and when it got my attention and seemed to be approaching another I was completely unaware of shot out Tracer fire like plasma looking projectiles and the original one lost interest real quick. These protective ones (that even followed me to Russia in 2013 and witnessed by third parties in 2009) have been following me around since around 93 when the major apparition occurred and had prescient images of my future projected into my head by an object that appeared as pure energy; a ball of lite as large the full moon beating like a heart that exploded in a powerful burst of light that hit me like a punch in face. A split second before it hit I noticed light pouring out from it in all directions and managed to turn my head a little reducing some impact but it still hurt. It transformed into clawed Seraphed Greek Cross, Golden in colour and prismitised limbs and started to fade when I noticed a Tawny frog mouth Owl (they are actual a large Nightjar but look like owls and commonly called owls) sitting on the Besserblock wall six feet away. When I noticed him, He jumped onto my head and sat there for nearly 10 seconds; I know, but I shit you not. when he took off he took a groove of skin from my forehead. When I went inside later I measured it and it was perfectly centered little groove equidistant from both eyes but on the forehead.
In 77 my skipper and I used fish on Pittwater near Sydney and saw a Ball that sucked up sea water and then spat out the seaweed rubbish and jelly blubber we used to call Pus :) when we trawled it up.
I saw over Brindabella camping out the same machine Terry Lovelace saw at Devils Den when it zeroed in over my campfire and came down for a look. A black triangle easily 500 yards, perhaps 800 yard on each edge and 7 stories thick that looked like the side of an office building at sunset. You could see through it on certain angles and places along the edge windows. It first appeared as 3 stars but as it got closer you could see it projected the an image of the sky above as a sophisticated camouflage. The next morning I packed up and on the way home there was about a Company of Guys in plain black BDU's and black soft topped Cappe Blanc shaped peak caps searching the road edge bushland and pasture Around the Uriarra to the Cotter area etc. armed with American M16 Armalites, The Bigger 30 cal .308 NATO version of the current 20 cal M4s and M10s so I suspect they were yanks. They'll know I'm telling the fucken truth I'll lay London to a brick, so how about at least chipping in if you read this guys and tune up the arrogant turds that give me grief for sharing the facts (you haven't seen Argon either but I bet you buy that you plaid shirted sperm breathed monkeys. There is more details, but I have gone to the extra trouble before only to be treated like I'm a fucken moron by people that weren't there, consider it far more logical to tell me all about it and what I fucken saw and how sick I am when my sister saw the Black BDU clad grunts too; Real geniuses. So take it how you will but there is not an untrue syllable here; there's something going on all right, and if any bucket mouthed doubter actually got off his pub stool, let go of his dick and went out to actually and tenaciously pay attention looking, they'd see something within a couple months at the very most, but they're all too busy talkin' about thing they know nothing about, where not one took me up on an offer to come and look. I've broken so many meta carpals on these twerps I can barely write now :) Impugn my word at your peril.

Anonymous said...

*********By all means tame it down a bit if you like Blog author. I'm sorry, people so mentally challenged they offer Logical fallacies as arguments against something they can't possibly know piss me off and those of us in the club burley them up like blowflies around a dog turd. They just show up to be a pain in the arse so I've used them for target practice. Logical fallacy one Absence of evidence is evidence of absence. The "I haven't seen it so you are lying when no evidence is support for no theory, hypothesis or even opinion at all, while I in true Socratic Irony having seen these events in full consciousness, know they are wrong and bite through my bottom lip in anger. logical fallacy two, Trying to prove a negative; how can something they admit to claim does not exist be proved to be so?;try to prove something is nothing? or trying to prove that they who were there are wrong but they who were not are right? think about it, its elementary first year logic failed just by the structure of their syntax and argument alone. Guys not even in my league mindfully or in the scrap and so stupid they can't recognise basic first semester logic and syntax and can't comprehend it when pointed out to them (subject premise and predicate) manifesting gross errors of reasoning.

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