Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Santeria Practioner Jailed For Animal Sacrifice

From 2006

FYI: Most of the animals sacrifice in Santeria are eaten. Only the blood and feathers, in the case of a chickens or other birds, is offered to the deity. The only exception is sacrifices made to banish evil or take off an unnatural illness. In these cases, the sacrifice is contaminated with the evil and/or disease and must not be consumed. It's hard for outsiders to believe, but the animals killed during rites of Santeria are treated far more mercifully than animals killed in slaughter houses. I personally feel that most people are simply disgusted by the "gross factor".

Note: Please keep in mind that I do not support animal sacrifice and would never engage in the practice myself. However, I understand it better than a lot of people. It doesn't bother me. It shouldn't' bother anyone. I mean, if you are getting offended by the few animals that may be sacrificed each year, then please pay a visit to the slaughter house. You will find more violence, suffering, gore, and blood at your local slaughter house than in any Santeria ritual.

Explanation For Why The Santeria Practitioner Rented An Office: In the clip above, the Santeria Practitioner rented an office space to perform the sacrifices. In most places zoning laws forbid animal sacrifice at residential locations. Animal sacrifice itself is perfectly legal, it's just that the zoning laws must be followed.

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