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Praying Mantis

1.) A Praying Mantis is an insect that is worshipped or revered in some cultures and despised in others. In the United States, folklore dictates that Praying Mantis are demons that can mimic human speech in order to trick people, as well as whose spit can cause blindness. They are also said to ride horses and other livestock to death, mush like the European lore of Fairies. It used to be a common held but incorrect belief that the bite from a Praying Mantis is lethal. There is a large amount of lore and superstition concerning the Praying Mantis, too much to go into detail here but in many cultures the Praying Mantis is either a trickster-spirit or another spirit in disguise, such as that of a Soothsayer. Surprisingly, much of the superstition about this insect implies it is rather good or is an omen of good luck and good fortune.

Praying Mantis In Culture: An episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer called Teacher's Pet, dealt with a giant Praying Mantis who could transform into a beautiful woman in order to seduce her pray, human male virgins.

Encyclopedia Of Superstitions, Folklore, And The Occult Sciences

2.) According to Abductees and Alien Abductee Researchers, Insect-Like Aliens, which resemble a Praying Mantis, are ultimately behind the Alien Abduction phenomena.

Other type of aliens witnessed by Abductees, such as The Greys, are simply working for these insect-like aliens. In fact, Dr. David Jacobs has documented accounts from his patients of Greys telling Abductees that they (The Greys) were created as the first (failed) attempt at crossbreeding with humans, an attempt that left them sterile. Now The Greys act as a workforce to assist the insect-like aliens in their plans of creating hybrids, part-alien, part-human beings in order to colonize and take-over the planet.

Appearance: Tall, 6ft or more, slender beings which appear insect-like and which are most often described as looking like a Praying Mantis. Other Abductees describe them as appearing like Ants. The beings have two arms, two legs, and a head, like a human being, but their skin, fingers, eyes and other features are closer to an insects with regard to appearance. These aliens are witnessed either in the nude or wearing black-hooded robes similar to the ones traditionally believed to be used by Satanists, though other Abductees describe the robes as looking like those worn by Judges.

Lore: These Praying-Mantis-like Aliens are said to be the Aliens who are in control of the other Aliens reported during Abductions. These beings are also believed to ultimately be responsible for the Alien Abduction phenomena. When Abductees encounter these beings they are either in the process of performing medical examinations or other tests on them. At other times Greys might take an Abductee to a 'meeting' with them.

Powers: The abilities of these aliens are on the same scope as The Greys, just more powerful. The abilities include; Telepathy, Mind Control, and the ability to alter human perception, similar to the power attributed to Fairies called 'glamour'.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there.
I'm not one to subscribe to ET conspiracies and phenomena.
I was meditating to a chant I recorded of myself, which I find seems to relax me more than listening to others. I tend to sense a higher state of calm and clarity when I do this. I actually recorded a new one tonite, for the purpose of meditating.

I'd just finished listening to it. exactly 6mins and 41secs long, and whilst I was concentrating on the vibrations resonating from the chant, an image appears of what I can only describe as a giant, non frightening Mantis like apparition watching me.

I close my eyes and breathe open it and it's gone.

Immediately I google 'mantis grey' and up comes a youtube recording of a transdimensional entity channeled being someone from a light something group...talking of their history. Describing what I felt I saw.

I'm slightly intrigued, your write up is the only other post I've visited.

Question is, have I inadvertently done myself a misjustice open myself up to whatever this being is....I consider myself a realist and rationalist, but this is a bit of a conundrum.

ovidio perez said...

Ive spoken to a female mantis grey things have been very differnt after that!

Tom Sidney said...

I had a dream/nightmare a few weeks ago where a white mantis with incredible strength growled at me then proceeded to bury it's way into my chest. I woke up right after it did this, and could still feel it.. post this event, i have been experiencing visual disturbances, things moving around me, and auditory hallucinations.

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