Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Majestic 12

Majestic 12 (Majic/MJ12), revolves around a series of documents that surfaced starting in 1984 which state that the reported crash at Roswell actually occurred and that the response of the military was to create a super-secret cabal, known as MJ12, to handle the subject. The term MJ12 means Majestic 12, with the number 12 being the number of men composing the cabal. The term Majestic 12 is sometimes abbreviated as Majic.

The MJ12 documents first appeared in the form of a roll of film which mysteriously appeared in the mailbox of one Jamie Shandera, a producer and amateur Ufologist, in 1984.

The documents detail the recovery of the wreckage and alien bodies and of a government program of keeping the reality of the UFO phenomena secret from the public.

The general consensus among Ufologists is that the documents are false or are disinformation.

List of Alleged, Original MJ12 Members

1.) Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter
2.) Dr. Vannevar Bush
3.) James Forrestal
4.) Gen. Nathan Twining
5.) Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg
6.) Gen. Robert M. Montague
7.) Dr. Jerome Hunsaker
8.) Sidney Souers
9.) Gordon Gray
10.) Dr. Donald Menzel
11.) Dr. Detlev Bronk
12.) Dr. Lloyd Berkner

The Majestic 12 Documents: Evience We Are Not Alone

Operation Bird Droppings by Robert Hastings

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