Thursday, June 4, 2009

Loup Garou

1.) Loup Garou is the French term for Werewolf. In Louisiana the name of Loup Garou has been corrupted into "Rougarou."

2.) Loup Garou is also the term for a shape-shifting vampiric monster of Haiti, the West Indies, Greneda, and the United States, especially around New Orleans and in areas noted by French settlers such as Indiana, Louisiana, and in Canada. In some parts of Louisiana the monster is referred to as "Rougarou", a corruption of Lou Garou.

Appearance: By day, this Loup Garou appears as a human or animal. At night, the monster transforms into a ball of light and floats through the air stalking its prey. In the United States and Canada, the appearance of the Loup Garou follows more closely to the original French meaning of Werewolf, save for the ability to transform into a ball of light, other animals, or an unidentified mixture of other animals.

Lore: In some legends, the Loup Garou is said not to personally ingest the blood of it's victims, but only to use it as an ingredient in magical spells or as an offering to Satan or another Demon. In such instances, the Loup Garou may be closer to traditional Witches than to Vampires. However, the standard legends are very much adamant that the beast does indeed prey on human beings, ingesting their blood, if not their flesh as well. Like in traditional Werewolf lore, victims of Loup Garou are also said to become Loup Garou themselves. However, most Loup Garous are under a curse.

Defense Against Loup Garou: In some legends, the Loup Garou is an individual under a curse which was believed to last only 101 days. If the cursed individual did not consume human blood, then at the end of that time period, he/she would revert back to normal. If one recognized a Loup Garou while in animal form and if one could draw blood from it, it would cause the person to revert to normal save for one condition, that neither person must speak of the experience for the remainder of the 101 days. In Louisiana it is believed that the smell of burning sulfur will drive off or repel a Loup Garou/Rougarou.

The Loup-Garou Legends Of Old Vincennes

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