Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Johnson, Mrs. Darwin

On August 14, 1955, near Evansville, Indiana, Mrs. Darwin Johnson and friends were traveling to swim in the nearby Ohio River when the group witnessed a UFO described as looking like the bottom of a bushel barrel. No one paid too much attention to the sighting and continued on in their activities. Shortly thereafter, and while swimming in the river, Mrs. Darwin Johnson claimed a hairy, clawed hand grabbed her leg. Johnson tried kicking at the unknown assailant but to no avail, and was only able to free herself after the monster had drug her under the water twice. Upon exiting the water, it was discovered Johnson had minor trauma to the her leg, complete with what looked like a green palm stain at the location the creature was said to have latched onto her.

Possible Connection To The Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins: Johnson's experience happened approximately a week before the reported encounters of the Sutton family. When Johnson read of the Sutton's ordeal, she immediately drew parallels to her own experience and suggested the two encounters were linked.

Men In Black Encounter: According to investigator Terry Colvin, the Johnson's claimed they were visited by a man in black-type figure who introduced himself as an Air Force Colonel. The man interviewed the couple, taking down Mrs. Johnson's story and then afterwards, advising her to never speak of her encounter.

Green Clawed Beast

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