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The creation of Alien-Human Hybrids or 'Hybrids' for short, are believed by Alien Abduction Researchers and Abductees to be the ultimate goal of the Alien Abduction Phenomena. Researchers believe that the core of the Alien Abduction Phenomena involves reproduction, the taking of sperm and eggs from Abductees in order to create a new race of beings. This process of creating a new race is not easy, say the experts, and has taken several decades if not longer for the Aliens to master. Most of the resulting offspring are flawed, either they can't reproduce, look too much like the Aliens, or lack the Aliens' mental abilities. The Breeding Program, the process of creating these Hybrids, has as it's goal the creation of beings that look completely human but possess the powers of their Alien creators. It is these beings who are believed to be currently infiltrating society, preparing for the day when they will arise and assume control of the planet.

Appearance: Early stage Hybrids look more like Aliens. Later stages appear closer to Humans. The final stages of the Breeding Program produce beings that are indistinguishable from normal humans. Like their Alien creators, the Hybrids are seen either naked or clothed. When clothed, the Hybrids either wear similar clothing to the Aliens, i.e. a tight-fitting outfit similar to a ski-suit or else they wear a loose-fitting white gown. When sighted nude, the Hybrids are said to have little to no body hair, with the males having a narrow penis and the females having little to no breasts, though these observations might reflect early stages of the Breeding Program.

Lore: According to what Abductees are told by their captors, Humanity will not survive. Humans are a dying species, and the Alien race may be a dying species as well. The Aliens have decided they will not allow Humans to wipe out life on this planet and destroy this world in the process. According to Abductees, the Aliens regularly communicate that the Breeding Program is the only chance we have of at least some sort of survival for the Human race.

Powers: Telepathy, Mind Control, and the ability to alter Human perception, similar to the magical power of Fairies called 'glamour'.

The Change: Abductees routinely describe being told or shown images of a not-so-far-off time referred to as 'The Change'. Dr. David Jacobs, in his book, The Threat, describes this event. It will be an event where literally Humans will loose control over their own destinies and the Hybrids will rise up and assume control. Abductees are shown images of various scenarios on how this event will happen, though such scenarios do differ between Abductees. Some are shown images of Natural Disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, asteroid impacts, while others are shown images of Human destruction at the hands of other Humans, such as the release of pathogens and nuclear war. The end result is the same. Humans are out, Hybrids are in.

Future Society: When Hybrids take control, society as we know it will be completely different. For one, there will be only a small population of pure-Humans left. Most beings on this planet will be either Hybrids or Aliens. The small group of Humans will be kept in case problems arise with the Breeding Program. Other changes will be that there will not be any form of money, religion, nations, governments, or even 'celebrity'. People will be assigned jobs based on their abilities. Society will be geared to Scientific achievement and the inhabitants of the planet will have one will to which all will dedicated their lives. The fact that Hybrids are Telepathic will help to create social cohesion, keeping people in line and with everyone in their place. Violence will not be tolerated. Society will exist as a hierarchy, with the remaining Humas at the lowest rung in the ladder, Hybrids ruling over Humans, and Aliens in control of the Hybrids.

Hybrids Among Us: In 1997, when Dr. David Jacobs released The Threat, he did not believe that Hybrids were infiltrating society at that time. From 2003 onward, Jacobs has since changed his mind and now believes that the goal of the Breeding Program has been reached and that Hybrids are now infiltrating society, living among us. Jacobs hints that he believes they are currently living in small groups, renting houses or apartments, and that some Abductees may know the locations of their residences.

Identifying Hybrids: Only Hybrids from the early stages of the Breeding Program can be easily identified. Abductees report being 'tested' by the Aliens to see if they can point out 'Them' from 'Us'. Jacobs relates stories of Abductees being shown a 'movie' of a picnic-like setting in a park with people talking and engaging in a variety of activities. The Aliens then ask the Abductee to try and pick out the Hybrids. Usually, the Abductee cannot. The Aliens are extremely pleased by their failure do so. On a darker note, The Aliens have hinted that anyone who can identify Hybrids from normal Humans will be 'done away with'.

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