Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A Grunch is a Chupacabra-like monster in the folklore of Louisiana, especially around the New Orleans area. The creature is blamed for mutilated animal deaths and enjoys frightening people. Tales of the creatures date back to the founding years of the city of New Orleans. There have been actual sightings of the creatures and to this day many residents are said not to allow their pets outside after dark for fear of them falling prey to the beast.

Appearance: A 3-4ft tall, bipedal, black goat-like being, with horns, spines, or quills covering it's back, and glowing eyes.

Lore: Grunches are said to kill their victims by one puncture hole to the neck and then to subsequently drain the victim's blood. According to legend, anyone bit by a Devil Baby (more in a future blog), will transform into a Grunch at the full moon, similar to tales of Werewolves.

Powers: Grunches are believed to be intelligent, able to open doors and use tools. Grunches can also speak in a low growl, though they are best known for their screams which some claim resembles the cry of either a wolf, ape, or Banshee. In and around Metairie, LA, Grunches are believed to be able to walk through walls.

The American Chupacabra

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Hi someone took you blog post and read it on a YouTube video. He has done this to many others. You may want to do a copyright take down request. I had to do that too. It's the 2nd story in this video, starts around 4 mins.

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