Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Greys

The Greys are the most often reported extraterrestrial entities associated with the UFO and Alien Abduction phenomena.

The first modern reported encounter with beings that would become known as 'The Greys' occurred with the Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction case on September 19, 1961. Betty and Barney Hill, despite how often it is reported, were not the first people to claim being abducted by aliens. Villas Boas, of Brazil, was the very first case of Alien Abduction in the modern era, occurring in 1957. Boas described small beings like the later reported Greys, save for the fact that the beings wore a type of helmet so that their faces could not be seen. Like Abductees of today, both Boas and the Hills reported their captives to have reproductive interest in humans.

Appearance: According to witnesses and Abductees, there are two types of Greys. The first type of Grey is said to be 3ft-4ft tall, described as 'masculine' though the beings have no genitalia, and seem to be 'drones' or compose a workforce. The second type of Grey is approximately 5ft tall, extremely slender, and appears more 'feminine', though again no external genitalia is apparent. The second type of Grey seems to be the leaders of the smaller Grey type and many Abductees describe this second type of Grey as being 'The Doctor' or 'The Leader', as if picking up on their superior position. Though the second type of Grey holds sway over the smaller forms, it should be stated that many Abductees have been told that the Greys are working on behalf of some other form of entity (More in future blogs). Both types of Greys have been sighted with tight-fighting clothing similar to ski-suits or in the nude. Both types of Greys have large, almond-shape, wrap-around black eyes. The skin color ranges from the traditional grey, to tan, beige, white, blueish, and a strange orange color. Philip J. Corso, in his book, The Day After Roswell, described the Greys as being artificial beings similar to androids.

Lore: The Greys are the aliens that are said to be mostly responsible for the Alien Abduction phenomena. The purpose of which, according to several researchers like Dr. David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, and the late Dr. John Mack, is the creation of hybrid beings, part-human and part-alien. Dr. David Jacobs has taken this line of research further in his book, The Threat, suggesting that the Greys are carrying out a colonization program. According to Dr. David Jacobs, the goal of the Greys is to create beings that appear like normal humans but which possess the mental abilities and powers of the Greys. These 'hybrids' will then infiltrate and take over society.

Powers: Telepathy, Mind Control, Ability to alter human perception, similar to the power attributed to fairies called, 'Glamour'. It is likely that if the Greys truly exist, then it's possible that such abilities are a result of their technology.

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