Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vaughn, Nellie L.

Nellie L. Vaughn was an unfortunate young woman who died at the age of 19 on March 13, 1889 in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. Nellie Vaughn became a suspected Vampire in the minds of locals though no exhumations or rituals were performed on her body. Nellie's grave is reportedly cursed and it is said by some that nothing will grow at her grave site. Inscribed on Nellie's headstone is the following phrase, "I Am Waiting And Watching For You."


Anonymous said...

In the year 1967, a Coventry, Rhode Island high school teacher apparently told his class that a 19-year-old girl accused of vampirism was buried in a cemetery off of Rt. 102. Although he did not give a name, he was most probably referring to Mercy Brown. Not long afterwards, several members of his class set out in search of the “vampire’s grave”. They eventually arrived at a rather foreboding looking cemetery, surrounded by a stone wall, located along Plain Meeting House Road in West Greenwich (WG Historic Cemetery #2). While conducting a diligent search of the headstones, the teenagers came across one, which read: “Nellie L. Vaughn; Daughter of George B. and Ellen; Died in her 19th year, May 31, 1889.” The age certainly fit. What was perhaps even more convincing, was the ominous sounding inscription at the bottom of the headstone: “I am waiting and watching for you.” Now thoroughly convinced that they’d found their girl, the students wasted little time in spreading the story of their find around the school…and eventually, the legend of “Vampire’s Grave” spread throughout the community, and even beyond.

Unlike Mercy Brown, very little is actually known about this unfortunate young woman, other than the fact that she died of pneumonia at the age of nineteen. Although her original burial place was on the Vaughn family homestead, her body was later moved to the West Greenwich Cemetery when her family sold the property. There is certainly no evidence that she was ever the subject of a vampire legend, until nearly eighty years after her untimely death. (“ I am waiting and watching for you” was most likely intended to mean “I am waiting and watching for you from Heaven.”) Sadly, the cemetery in which Nellie L. Vaughn was buried has over the years become a virtual haven for cult activity and vandalism. There are also those who claim that Nellie herself may have taken exception to her undeserved reputation!

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous at 11:33 PM,

Here in Oklahoma we have a grave with a headstone that reads, "Murdered By Human Wolves" which has spawned legends of werewolves. You can read about it at the link below.

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