Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Purple Church

Last weekend I went to The Purple Church of local fame. I thought I'd re-post a Myspace blog I made to inform readers here of the folklore of this infamous place.

Since I was recently asked by a myspacer for directions on how to get to "The Purple Church", I thought I'd take the time to reminisce about the good old days....Ah...The Purple Church. The burnt-down remnants of a basement which supposedly belonged to a church, but which is now used in service of "The Dark Lord", Satan.

The Purple Church supposedly gets its name for the purple spray-painted "Satanic" graffiti, which dominates the place.

It is said that on Saturday nights with a full moon, a virgin is sacrificed to Satan. Well, that's what "they" say at least.

I remember the first time I went to The Purple Church. There were five of us, Jeremy B., Michelle B., Kevin B., and Frankie H., and myself, all piled into my car. We never actually made it all the way to the site itself, but we did go a few yards or so into the dark woods, which was rather frightening.

On later visits, Michelle B. and Beth B. accompanied me to the little entrance way where you park your car. Unfortunately, neither of the two had the guts to go with me. I sure as hell wasn't going to go by myself!

Later on, Beth would tell me the story about how she and a friend happened to go to the site during the day. They reported seeing a bathtub full of animal parts with sleeping bags laid out in front of it. I believe her story, as I've heard from more than one person that a lot of homeless people camp out in the woods.

Lore: The Purple Church is a rumored location of Satanic worship. According to legend, on Saturdays with a full moon a virgin is sacrificed to 'The Dark Lord'.

Location: The Purple Church is in Spencer, Oklahoma, near the border of Midwest City past the intersection of 63rd & Douglas Blvd. Travel until you get to the 'spooky' part with trees hanging over the road, blocking the sky (only happens during the Summer months when the trees have leaves). Go further and you will come up to a small hill. The entrance to the path that leads to the Purple Church is located on the right.

*Disclaimer: The Purple Church is on private property. Trespassers beware. Also I need to point out something about folklore. I love folklore. I'm a huge fan of it. However, one should realize how to properly treat folklore. We shouldn't treat folklore as if it is 100% based in reality. Most folklore should be interpreted as taking place in an alternative dimension or universe. The story is important but one should not get caught up with the belief that it is 'real'. The reason I need to post this disclaimer is because accusations of 'devil worship' have destroyed innocent people's lives. People have had their children taken away, been forced out of town, or even worse because certain individuals cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality. This said, The Purple Church is a very spooky place to visit. Have fun if you decide to visit it and remember, stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was... Really deep. I have often heard of this 'Purple Church'. Few of my friends have brought it up, and plan to go there Halloween night. From things that I have heard of people, I thought they were crazy. Because it does sound like a quite frightening place, per say. But, I have heard many different things of this place. A dear, and close friend of mine posted a bulletin on Myspace yesterday, saying, 'Purple Church: Get over it people! Its a place in the middle of the woods. Freaky, but get over it.'
But, me myself.... I am supersticious. So, it slightly freaks me out. (:

MandiƩ said...

Muahahaha i was about to call bullsh*t till we started walking back and found it!!!
its like 20 ft from the green gate !!!!!!! its still there not filled in just a lil over-grown

if u take I-240 to douglas blvd take douglas blvd all the way down till right after it turns into wilshire directly before the house on the left ( the one w the super long driveway) there is a green gate w a brand new chain on it go past walk 20 ft or so look left and u will see it up on the hill watch out for the barb wire ;P and have fun!

Doc Conjure said...

@ Mandie,

Thanks for letting me know. I heard the rumors that it was supposedly filled in with dirt but I didn't believe it. Who would pay to have all the dirt needed to bury it brought there? LOL

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Who do I need to contact to investigate the purple church?

Unknown said...

Who do I need to contact to be able to investigate the purple church?

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