Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Pontianaks are vampiric demons of Malaysian folklore, women who have died in childbirth and who have risen from the grave to attack the living. It is also said that Pontianaks are the stillborn children of the Langsuyar. Pontianaks kill their victims by gutting them and eating their entrails.

Appearance: A hideous old woman with fangs and a feeding hole in the back of her neck.

Lore: Pontianaks shun sunlight and seek shelter in banana tree trunks or other tree trunks during the day. Pontianaks are associated with the howling of dogs. If the howls appear distant the the creature is actually quite near. If the howls appear close then the creature is far away.

Powers: A Pontianak can make herself appear as a beautiful woman in order to seduce her prey.

Defense Against Pontianak: Like the Langsuyar, the Pontianak fears nails. If a nail is driven in the feeding hole in the back of the Pontianak's neck, then she will transform into a beautiful woman until the nail is removed.


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