Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Men In Black (M.I.B)

Most People have seen the movie, "Men In Black", staring Will Smith. What many don't understand is that the movie is based on reported real encounters of strange people dressed all in black, especially if the witness has recently reported seeing a UFO.

Unlike the movie, these "men in black", or M.I.B.'s for short, are often frightening, menacing, or outright freaky. There's just something not right about them. They reportedly speak in drab monotone or else in a bizarre "sing-song" fashion. They appear to be very pale, and many a witness has claimed these strange people wore make-up, in an apparent attempt to make them look more life-like!

The strangeness of these people is not limited to just their appearance. During one encounter, a UFO witness offered two M.I.B. jello and a soda. One of the M.I.B. carefully placed a piece of jello in a napkin, folded it up, and placed it in his pocket! Many witnesses claim the M.I.B. have strange fascinations with everyday objects. Items like, ball-point pens, disposable lighters, and small toys, seem extraordinarily fascinating to them, almost as if they have never seen such objects before. Maybe they haven't, as some witnesses got the impression that these folks "weren't from around here", be they foreigners of another country or another planet. Other witnesses have stated they believed the M.I.B. to act very mechanical-like, as if they were some type of robot.

Maybe they are robots or maybe they are merely government agents taking an interest in the UFO phenomena, and purposefully acting strange so that the witness would not be believed.

What is the purpose of a M.I.B. visit? Well, the key motivation for the M.I.B. is to learn as much about the UFO sighting as possible, as well as to threaten and intimidate the witness. Many witnesses have claimed they were outright told that should they speak further of their sighting something horrible would happen to them. One witness, a daughter of a couple who reported seeing a UFO, claims a strange black car, complete with men dressed all in black, attempted to abduct her as she walked home from school. She screamed and was able to run away. The family reportedly received a note which was slid under the door reading: "We can still get you." -How's that for scary? Well, the M.I.B.'s "scare-tactics" usually work, as witnesses become so frightened they often refuse to speak further of their UFO sighting or even deny it took place!

M.I.B. Check List:

1. Usually male, only rarely is a female, "W.I.B" reported.
2.) Dressed all in black, black suit, black tie, black shoes, etc... all of which seem "brand new".
3.) Very pale completion, often M.I.B.'s are reported to wear make-up in order to make them appear more life-like.
4.) Speak in either a monotone or "sing-song" fashion. [FYI: Agent Smith of the movie, "The Matrix", was purposefully modeled after reports of M.I.B's., especially the "sing-song" voice and of course, the black suit and tie.]
5.) Drive black vehicles, often reported as Cadillacs. If a license plate number is recorded and searched for, it will come back as non-existent.
6.) Move in a mechanical fashion, like a robot.
7.) Have secret knowledge of the UFO witness that they couldn't possibly know.
8.) Witnesses claim that when M.I.B. speak, their lips barely move or don't move at all! Some witnesses claim the M.I.B. use telepathy in order to communicate.
9.) If a M.I.B. tells a witness his name, it's usually something very simple, like "John Smith", or "Joe Johnson". No unique or ethnic names are ever given.
10. M.I.B.'s rarely eat or drink, even if they specifically ask for food or a beverage! Usually the only thing witnesses claim to have seen a M.I.B. drink is water, which often is used to take some sort of medication.
11.) The M.I.B.'s will attempt to learn as much about the UFO sighting as possible, though they may accidentally slip the fact they possess knowledge about the witness that they should not possess, implying the witness is under some sort of surveillance.
12.) The M.I.B.'s will threaten a UFO witness as well as use intimidation tactics in order to prevent a UFO witness from speaking of their sighting.
13.) When M.I.B.'s leave, they are reported to disappear far too quickly. For example, some witnesses report a M.I.B. to go around the corner of a building, after which a bright light is seen to flash. If the witness follows, they soon discover the M.I.B. is nowhere in sight. If the M.I.B. is riding in a vehicle, the vehicle is said to disappear far too quickly as well.
14.) M.I.B's were more commonly reported between the 1950's through the early 1980's. For some reason they seem to have become less active since that time.

Men In Black

The Men In Black

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lotterman said...

Like everything else in the world, the "men in black" serve a purpose. Loose ends need to be neatly clipped. In time most will gain a better and even more complete understanding of the important task these people attend.

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