Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Church Grim

Church Grims, Kirkegrim, Kirk-Grim, or possibly Kirkonavaki, are supernatural black dogs that guard Churches and graveyards in European folklore.

The origins of the Church Grim may stem from the early Christian practice of performing sacrifices upon the construction of a new Church. The spirit of the sacrifice was said to stand guard and protect the land from evil.

Appearance: Large black dog with supernatural abilities, though in some countries the Church Grim can take the form of other animals or even people.

Lore: The Church Grim, like the standard Ghost, is attached to a certain location, in this case a Church or graveyard.

Powers: The Church Grim possesses supernatural abilities that it uses to guard it's domain, usually by frightening off evil or those whom do not belong on the premise, such as trespassers. In some legends, the Church Grim will ring the Church bells if someone connected to the area is about to die or as an omen of soon-to-be ill fortune.

The Church Grim


Anonymous said...

Is the church grim around to defend God?

Anonymous said...

No, my dear.

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