Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Billiwhack Monster

The Billiwhack Monster is a large, hairy, Bigfoot-like monster complete with claws and ram's horns, that according to local legend frequents the area of Santa Paula in Ventura County, California. Legends of the monster date back to WWII, and there have been reported sightings and even attacks, with one unfortunate victim claiming to have been viciously attacked by an unknown 'animal' leaving him badly scratched up. Other victims include a group of hikers who in 1964 claimed they were stalked by the monster for several hours.

Appearance: Large, hairy, Bigfoot-like monster with claws and ram's horns.

Lore: According to legend, The dilapidated Billiwhack Dairy was once the site of a secret OSS or Nazi research lab where experiments in creating 'supersoldiers' were carried out. According to lore, the Billiwhack monster escaped from the lab and now lives in or near the property, and especially the underground rooms and tunnels said to exist below the remnants of the Billiwhack Dairy.

Over Decades, Ongoing Tales Of The Billiwhack Monster Of Santa Paula Cast Long Shadows Of Doubt


Unknown said...

I was there in November of 2012 to buy 2 motorcycles out of 1 of the old milking barns. One of the bikes has a highly modified and powerful engine, double the stock horsepower. In honor of The Billiwhack Monster, I had made and installed a license plate frame that reads: "BILLIWHACK MONSTER!!! The bike has been (so far) been featured in 2 magazines. Anybody wanting to see and hear more about it, get me at my gmail: daviddaveinternational@gmail.com I'm from Thousand Oaks, graduated TOHS Class of 1973. Long Live the Billiwhack Monster! It lives in my garage in Southern Oregon!

Unknown said...

You certainly should have known

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