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Happy New Year!

Wishing Everyone Bright Blessings For A Wonderful 2010!

(Remember to eat black-eyed peas for good luck!)

Cthulhu Tracts

Have You Heard The Good News? -Cthulhu Loves You! (Deep fried and with ketchup)

Why We're Here by Fred Van Lente And Steve Ellis


Who Will Be Eaten First? by Howard Hallis

Human Mutilation

The phenomenon of Human Mutilation is perhaps the scariest aspect of the UFO phenomenon. In cases of Human Mutilation, deceased human beings are discovered mutilated in a manner similar or even identical to cases of reported Cattle Mutilation.

The first documented account of Human Mutilation occurred in March, 1956 in White Sands, NM. In that initial case, Sgt. Johnathon P. Lovette and one Major Cunningham were exploring sand dunes outside the missile test range in hopes of finding missile debris. According to Cunningham, Lovette strayed over a dune and out of site for a time. Cunningham claims he was alerted by Lovette screaming for help. Racing to Lovette's location, Cunningham claimed he was greeted by the horrifying site of a Lovette being dragged by cables or metallic 'tentacles' into a hovering silver disk-shaped UFO or flying saucer which then took off at high speeds.

Cunningham reported his experience to authorities and three days later the nude and mutilated body of Lovette was discovered miles away from the last location Cunningham claims to have seen Lovette. Lovette had been mutilated in a manner that we know now to be consistent with reported cases of Cattle Mutilation. Lovette's eyes, tongue, and genitalia had been removed and his anus had been apparently cored out. There is no word on whether or not Lovette's clothing had been recovered. Cunningham was initially charged with Lovette's murder but the charges were later dropped.

The subject of Human Mutilation is controversial and many people feel that cases of such are routinely covered-up by local law enforcement and even government agencies. Case in point, the death of Todd Sees.

On August 2, 2002, Todd Sees disappeared after a morning of 4-wheeling. Sees had told his wife that the would return around noon. When he failed to show, his wife knew something was wrong. A search party was organized and Sees 4-wheeler was found, however there was no sign of Sees.

For 2 days an intense search of the area by police, paramedics, search dogs, and 200 volunteers was carried out with no sign of Sees. Then late on August 4, 2002, something white was spotted in the brush near a pond, a location the search party and dogs had passed before. That something turned out to be the body of Todd Sees.

Sees was found dressed only in his underwear. A boot of Sees was discovered in a top of a tree located about a mile from the spot where the 4-wheeler was discovered. No word on whether or not any clothing was recovered.

It has been reported that within a half-hour of the discovery of the body, the FBI took over the investigation.

As per the condition of the body, the body itself did not show any classic sign of mutilations save for an unexplained burn on the temple. What is amazing is that the body was claimed to have been emaciated and white, with the hands found in a position as if shielding the face from something, and with a reported look of fright or horror on the face itself. Probably the most unusual aspect of the body, besides the burn, is the lack of bloating of the body. Sees' body had been in the August heat for almost three days yet the body was found in a remarkable condition. Stranger still were the reports of nearby residents who claimed to have seen a UFO shooting down a beam of light and seemingly pick something up near the location of the incident.

Is the Todd Sees case an example of the phenomenon of Human Mutilation? It's hard to tell. Authorities have not been forthcoming with details on the case. In fact, everybody associated with the case appears to be tight-lipped. Officially, the cause of death is listed as being from cocaine use, however that explanation doesn't quite fit the facts. For me at least, the answer is quite simple. There's foul play involved, Either Sees was a victim of a currently unexplained phenomenon or else he was the victim of a human assailant.

A similar case to that of Todd Sees happened in the U.K. in 1980. Zygmunt Jan Adamski disappeared from Todmorden on June 6, 1980, after leaving to go shopping for food. Adamski never returned home. On June 11, 1980, Adamski's body was located on the top of a 12ft high coal pile. There were no footprints found in the coal, as would be the case had someone placed his body there or had Adamski himself climbed the coal pile.

As to the condition of Adamski's body, strange burns were found on the back of Adamski's head, neck, and shoulders. A strange green ointment had been applied to the wounds. The mysterious ointment has never been identified. Adamaski's undershirt, wallet, and watch were missing. His suit coat or vest was buttoned incorrectly. This last piece of information may imply that Adamski was dressed after death. The official cause of Adamski's death was listed as heart failure, possibly from fright or shock.

As to the connection between UFOs and Adamski's death, UFO sightings were common in the area at that time and one of the officers investigating the Adamski's death, Alan Godfrey, claimed to have witnessed a UFO hovering over a road and to have been subsequently abducted by aliens.

So are UFOs/Aliens responsible for these mysterious deaths? As for now, the subject of Human Mutilations remain a controversial and elusive mystery.

In the clips below, Veteran Homicide Detective Butch Witkowski, with 27 years of experience, has taken an interest in the death of Todd Sees and similar cases which might indicated the work of a currently unexplained phenomenon.

Mutilation Of Sgt. Johnathon Lovette

NUFORC Report On The Todd Sees Case

The Todd Sees Case: Alien Abduction, Murder And Cover-Up

The documentary below details the experiences of Alan Godfrey and the strange death of Zygmunt Adamski.

Warning: The link below contains graphic pictures of a corpse that might be a case of Human Mutilation that occurred in Brazil in 1994. Please be advised

Human Mutilations In Brazil

***Note: The information concerning the death of one Sgt. Johnathon Lovette might represent an instance of disinformation. The veracity of this story has to date not been proven.

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The Necronomicon

In the Cthulhu Mythos, the Necronomicon is a book detailing the identities, names, and lore of the Great Old Ones, the means to summon them, and other dark and forbidden lore.

Lore: The Necronomicon, originally titled Al-Azif, was authored by the mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred, in 738AD. Shortly afterwards Alhazred was believed to have met a mysterious and tragic death. According to biographer, Ebn Khallikan, Alhazred was attacked and dismembered by an invisible entity, presumable a punishment for authoring the forbidden tombe.

Since 738AD, the Necronomicon has been secretly passed down, translated into various languages, and generally kept hidden due to the power contained in the text. Currently it is believed that only 5 copies of the book are left in existence, with the most famous copy being kept at Miskatonic University in Arkham, Mass.

As a general rule of thumb, anyone attempting to harness the powers of the cursed book soon meets a tragic, and quite painful, death. Those who manage to survive are usually driven insane by the horrible knowledge they have gleamed from pages of the Necronomicon.

Appearance: Lovecraft gave very little detailed descriptions of the Necronomicon, though modern authors and film makers have portrayed the book as being handmade with a leather cover made from human skin.

Powers: Too evil and horrible to detail. However, the Necronomicon has the incantations and spells needed to summon the Great Old Ones and possible lead to their return to earth and subsequent destruction of earth.

Fakery: The Necronomicon is 100% fiction. The Necronomicon is a literary device created by H.P. Lovecraft as a means of uniting various storylines. This said, there is a considerable amount of people who believe the book actually exists. Such people tend not to be convinced by the fact that even Lovecraft himself admitted to his inventing the book. Currently, one can purchase many versions of the so-called real Necronomicon though each and every one is a forgery or a creation of authors who wish to blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

Although the Necronomicon is fiction, the book is likely inspired by various magical grimoires which did and still do exist.

Necronomicon: Some Facts About A Fiction (From the Church of Satan, Scary! LOL)

To view one of the most popular fiction "Necronomicon" book, the Simon Necronomicon, click HERE.

FYI: I used to own a copy of this particular book. I got it at the mall, in the 90s, for, I believe only $4.99. -As if the most evil book in existence, the book containing the power to destroy the world, can be bought for under $5 dollars. LOL I threw it in the trash, not because it was evil, but because it was so very inane and silly.

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Awd Goggie

In English folklore, Awd Goggie is a monster, fairy or demon that eats children.

Appearance: A gigantic, hairy caterpillar

Lore: Awd Goggie is said to inhabit orchards and forests, or areas where fruit grow, be it the cultivated variety or wild berries. Awd Goggie will lie in wait for a disobedient child to wander off alone in order to steal some of the fruit, at which point Awd Goggie will lunge at the unfortunate victim, dragging his/her body off to eat in the safety of his lair.

Powers: ??? -My guess would be strength and even camouflage.

Defense Against Awd Goggie: Children, obey your parents. Don't steal fruit or berries. Some consider Awd Goggie to be among the fairy beings. If such is true then iron objects may come in handy as a defense against the furry beast.

Awd Goggie

Abbey Lubbers, Banshees & Boggarts by Katharine Briggs

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The Grey Man

In Irish and Scottish folklore, An Fir Lea, Far Liath, Fear Liath, or The Grey Man, is a dangerous fairy being associated with fog and mist.

Appearance: The appearance of The Grey Man is said to vary. Some describe encountering a dark shadow in the fog or else a fog that appears to be alive. Other people claim the fairy appears as old, bearded man dressed in a cloak made of fog which obscures his body. Still others describe the entity as a hairy bigfoot-like creature swathed in fog.

Lore: According to lore, sightings of The Grey Man are omens of ill-fortune. The Gray Man is said to delight in causing human fatalities with the fog and mist that accompanies him. In olden times the Gray Man was said responsible for many a shipwreck. Today, the fairy might be blamed for horrible car wrecks due to fog.

Powers: The Grey Man has power over fog and mist as well as having the power to sour milk and ruin peat-moss used for kindling (dampening it so that it will not light). The Grey Man is also blamed for potato rot or blight, which he is said to cause with a mere touch. The Grey Man has a knack for causing intense panic in people who sight him.

Defense Against The Grey Man: As a fairy, The Grey Man would fear iron objects and salt. Holy objects and prayer are said to be helpful as well. One can tell that The Grey Man is near for the presence of an unusual fog and of his overpowering earthy or musty smell.

Trivia: The Grey Man is said to be incapable of speech. It is also believed that The Grey Man (An Fir Lea) originated as a pagan weather god associated with fog and mist who was worshipped around 1500 b.c. in the coastal communities in and around Ireland and Scotland. With the arrival of Christianity the former god was demoted to fairy. The Grey Man is believed to be found of specific locations, such as Ben MacDhui, a mountain peak in Scotland, as well as various rock formations or natural bridges, like The Grey Man's path at Fairhead in north Antrim.

A Field Guide To Irish Fairies by Bob Curran

Cry Of The Banshee? - An Unusual Synchronicity

I just had an unusual experience. I was outside in my backyard circa 9:30pm or so. I heard what I first thought was a woman laughing, then as I listened closer I realized it was a woman crying. My first thoughts were that somebody had slipped and fallen due to the recent snowfall. However, what an interesting synchronicity!

The synchronicity aspect would be that I have been reading Abbey Lubbers, Banshees & Boggarts: An Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Fairies by Katharine Briggs and had stopped when I got to "Banshee". Of course I did a blog on the Banshee not to long ago, either.

But here's the sad news. My friend's grandmother had a fall last night and the fear is that it might be fatal. I called my friend tonight who related to me the experience. I do have to admit I was told of her grandmother's condition before I heard the woman crying. I sure hope my friend's grandmother recovers.

The sound of the crying seemed at first to be close by but when I actually made a point of trying to listen to it at that point it changed to sounding as if it was distant. I couldn't see anybody around. The sound of the crying was strange. It repeated in bursts of three sounds, with the first two sound being made closer together and shorter in duration. The third sound was longer and drawn out. It went something like...

"huh-huh-huhhhhh, huh-huh-huhhhhh. huh-huh-huhhhhhh..."

As I wrote above, I originally mistook it for laughter. I only realized it was crying by how soft and subdued it was. If it was the Banshee then the cry definitely did not meet my expectations of how a Banshee would sound.

I just hope it wasn't somebody in need of assistance. I didn't see anybody, but I will go out again here in a minute or so to check if I can see anything.

Addendum: I checked outside and there's nobody out. I didn't hear anything either. I forgot to add that my grandmother went to the hospital as well, complaining of chest pains after earlier attempting to shovel snow. However, my family feels that she is okay.

If nobody fell outside or if nobody was playing around outside, then the only explanation I can think of is that somebody had their t.v. up loud and I heard it.

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Lovecraft Carols

Your favorite Lovecraft carols for the holiday season!


In English folklore, a Brag is a mischievous fairy or spirit that delights in scaring people.

Appearance: Brags tend to favor appearing in the form of a horse or donkey but are known to take other forms, some of them quite odd. For instance Brags have appeared as cows wearing kerchiefs and even nude headless men.

Lore: Brags will often take the form of a donkey or horse and attempt to trick a person into mounting them. Upon doing so the Brag will race off and dump the poor rider into a pool of water or into the brush or undergrowth, scaring the rider something fierce.

Powers: Shape-shifting

Defense Against Brags: Don't mount an unfamiliar horse or donkey. Pay attention to weird details. As fairies, Brags would fear iron objects and salt.


In the Cthulhu Mythos, Glaaki is a Great Old One that currently dwells in a lake in England.

Appearance: A gigantic three-eyed slug with metallic spines growing from his mucous-covered body.

For images of Glaaki, click HERE and HERE.

Lore: Glaaki came to earth via a meteor impact and currently dwells at the bottom of a lake in England, awaiting the time when the stars are right for the Great Old Ones to reign once more. Glaaki has also been reportedly sighted in other lakes around the world as well.

Glaaki is served by a cult of humans-turned-zombies. The ritual used to create a new undead cultist involves Glaaki piercing the victim's body with one of his metallic spines and injecting a special fluid into the unfortunate person. The person then is transformed into servant of Glaaki, even sharing the mind of the horrid Great Old One. In this fashion, all of Glaaki's cultists actually serve as vessels for Glaaki's consciousness. The cultists serve as an extended body of Glaaki and perform his will.

Despite Glaaki's appearance, the Great Old One is considered to be incredibly intelligent and wise. In fact, Glaaki's cultists have been able to document Glaaki's knowledge and wisdom into a series of books called, The Revelations Of Glaaki. The cultists were able complete there task due to the fact that when Glaaki slumbers the cultists are temporarily separated from the mind of Glaaki and form a rudimentary individuality.

Powers: Telepathy, mind-control, zombie-creating body fluid, and other powers so vast as to cause insanity in mortals by dwelling upon them.

Defense Against Glaaki: Practically none, save the Elder Sign which repels him. Glaaki's cultists fear sunlight and shun it, as it promotes decomposition.


In European folklore, especially the folklore of Austria, Germany and Hungary, Krampus is a devil or demon that accompanies St. Nicholas (Santa Clause).

Appearance: A hairy, satyr-like man with goat horns.

Lore: It is Krampus' responsibility to punish sinners and bad people near Christmas time. December 5th is Krampusnacht, where the devil is said to visit. Krampus carries a whip or bundle of birch sticks which he uses to beat bad boys, girls, and adults. Krampus takes particular delight in attacking young lovers he may find giving public displays of affection, otherwise known as "making-out". Other than beating sinners, Krampus enjoys abducting and eating bad children. Krampus also enjoys scaring people, regardless if they are sinners or not.

Although modern folk tend to think that it is Santa who places coals in the stocking of bad boys and girls, they are quite mistaken. Santa delegates the job of punishing bad people to Krampus. It's Krampus who puts Hell-coal into sinner's stockings.

Powers: Incredibly strength, the power to punish sinners, possible other supernatural powers.

Defense Against Krampus: Be good.

Trivia: In the 1800's Krampus Christmas cards became extremely popular, especially among adults as a way to tease each other of being "bad". Such items are now highly-desired collector items. In one of my favorite examples of a Krampus Christmas card, the devil is pictured parading around while holding a bowl of what appears to be burning coals. The inscription reads, "When the fire burns in the heart the black monster rejoices."

Who In The Hell Is Krampus?

The Devil

Supernatural: A Very Supernatural Christmas (2007)

Demon hunters Sam and Dean are investigating a possible "Anti-Clause" when people begin to be abducted from their homes near Christmas-time.

To watch, A Very Supernatural Christmas, click HERE.

Christmas Humor - A Cthulhu Story

The Deep Ones Song

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Christmas Humor - Santa Thor Is Coming To Town

There are many similarities between Santa Clause and the Germanic Pagan god, Thor.

Both beings were believed to fly through the air, Santa on a sleigh pulled by reindeer, Thor by a chariot pulled by goats.

Both were connected to thunder and lightning. Thor's name means "thunder". Two of Santa's reindeer are named "Donner" and "Blitzen", which can be interpreted as "thunder" and "lightning". (The Saxons worshipped Thor under the name Donar)

Both were deities popular with the common folk, and protectors of children.

Both were beings who lived in the far north. Thor was said to have his home in the far north. Santa Clause lives at the north pole.

There are even stories about Thor and the god Odin/Wodan bringing presents or rewards to people at Yultide.

Even to this day the connection to Thor lives on. In Scandinavian folklore, the Julebukk (Yule Goat) brings presents to good boys and girls. The goat is a reference to Thor as well as representing the animal sacrifices that would have taken place among the heathens during Yuletide.

Demon Sultan Azathoth


In Scandinavian folklore, the Huldra are female forest spirits or fairies, similar to the nymphs of Greek myth.

Appearance: A beautiful and seductive woman having a hollow, bark-encrusted back and/or an animal tail.

Lore: Like the Greek nymphs of lore, Huldra have overactive sex drives and will seduce and lure men into the forest in order to have sex. If the man can satisfy her needs, she lets him live and even blesses him with her power. However, if the man cannot satisfy her sexually then she will usually kill him. Even if a man can sexually satisfy a Huldra it doesn't imply his safety, for it is believed that he will be unable to resist her advances and will literally exhaust himself to death via repeated couplings.

Like fairies, Huldra will abduct human children and leave behind a changeling, one of her own children in it's place. Also like fairies, Huldra can and often do marry mortal men. When such a situation arises, the Huldra will extract a promise from her mortal husband. If he dares break the promise then there will be hell to pay!

Despite their dangerous side, Huldra do have a beneficial role. Huldra do offer assistance, usually in the capacity of keen observers and warning of anything that might go wrong. In return for their service, Huldra are offered food and drink.

As to the origin of the Huldra, according to legend the Huldra originated when God visited a woman with a great number of children. The woman had only bathed a certain portion of her children and only presented the clean children to God when he asked to see them. The woman hid her dirty children from God. God became so angry at her trick that he cursed her saying from then on her dirty children should continue to be hidden from mankind, ultimately giving rise to the Hulderfolk.

One of the quickest ways to arouse the wrath of a Huldra is to make fun of, or be rude concerning, her tail. Be warned.

Powers: Fairy glamour, power to cause insanity, incredible strength, and the power to grant bountiful catches in fishing and hunting.

Defense Against Huldra: Being similar to fairies, Huldra might fear iron objects and salt. Huldra women who marry men will lose their powers of fairy glamour when blessed by a priest. According to folktales it is possible to outwit Huldra.

Harley Got Devoured By The Undead

Real Fairy Caught On Camera? -And Other Odd Experiences

The above photo was taken by my brother on Sunday, December 20, 2009. I have disguised the face of my nephew for privacy reasons.

To the right of my nephew is what appears to be a pair of glowing eyes in front of closed closet doors. There is nothing on the closet doors that would reflect light in this manner. The only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with the camera lens.

Interestingly, this summer another brother who shares this particular bedroom had a sighting of a being he described as a "ghost". According to him, this ghost appeared as a small child-like being with dark, tanned skin and yellow eyes. The spirit was sitting on my brother's bed, staring at him. My brother claimed to have seen the apparition from the corner of his eyes while watching a movie late one night. As soon as he saw the being, he turned and claimed to have actually locked eyes with it, at which point the creature gave a look of shock or fright, almost as if he was scared that my brother saw him. The figure then quickly dissolved and vanished.

Knowing of my brother's experience with the little man, I jokingly told my other brother who took the photo that it was a fairy goblin. I then informed him of fairy lore and of about how fairies like to kidnap babies and leave one of their own malformed fairy offspring, a.k.a. changelings, in their place. I then advised my brother to place an iron object near the bed and to sprinkle salt around the bed to ward off the fairy and to prevent it from taking our nephew. LOL
This isn't the only weird thing to have happened in the house either. On Christmas Eve in 2006, a series of strange events happened that left my family perplexed.

I had to work that Christmas Eve and my family was visiting relatives, leaving the house supposedly empty. That night I received a call at work from my father who angrily accused me of going to the house and playing pranks with the alarm. I informed my father that , "Duh..I'm at work." and then he apologized and claimed that the alarm system went off three times and that people from the company went by the house and that the alarm company has called him several times now. My father claimed he also went to the house a couple of times and found no sign of a break-in nor was anything disturbed. After getting off work I learned the rest of the story. Apparently my father spoke with an employee of the alarm company. The person told them that the sensor in our living room was fine and that it is only triggered when something a minimum of 3-4 feet tall moves around in it's range. My father claimed he was told that something at least 3-4 feet tall triggered the sensor at least 3 times that Christmas Eve night. Whatever that something was, is a matter of speculation.

My grandfather, my mother's father, passed away in January of that year. My mother has decided to interpret the events as my grandfather's spirit returning to spend Christmas with the family.

As for possible explanations, there are three dogs but that night they were kept in a room in order to prevent them soiling the carpet. When my father went to the house to check it out he found them still in the room. I offered the possibility that perhaps a mouse climbed a curtain and had triggered the alarm, but my father rejected that explanation.

So what happened that Christmas Even night? Unfortunately, nobody has come up with a satisfactory explanation. I can tell you that the event has not repeated. That was the only time the alarm went off, and of course only time it went off three times on one night.

Finally, shortly after my brother claimed to have seen the little man in his room, my niece claimed to have seen a "shadowman" in her room which frightened her. Frankly, I discount her sighting as a product of imagination due to her hearing of my brother's experience.

So is there a fairy or spirit in the house? Frankly, I don't sense anything. I've never sensed that something was watching me, nor have I gotten any negative vibes from the home. I do have my own experience, which I attribute to a hypnogogic experience. One day last summer, and before my brother sighted the little man, I decided to take a nap. I was awakened by what appeared to be a small, child-size and pale-skinned being with dark eyes. The creature had its hands on my arm as if trying to shake me. Here's the weird part, when I saw the being I didn't freak out but told myself that it was one of the dogs. I actually named the dog to myself, "Oh, it's just Precious.". (Precious is a black cocker and is no way similar to a pale-skinned little person! LOL) As I stated above, I attributed the experience to a hypnagogic state, the state between waking and sleeping where dreams and reality can temporarily merge for the experiencer.

Did I mention that a female relative claimed to have seen a "alien" walking in her room one night? She claimed she woke up one night and saw an alien (gray) standing at the window. The being then just casually walked out of the room, keeping it's head and black, piercing eyes turned toward her the whole time.

So what do you think? Have the little people invaded the home? If they have, at least they aren't evil or negative, as I have never sensed such.

UPDATE 10/14/2011: In my writing above I mentioned that the even had not repeated. This is now now the case. It has happened now at least two more times. Unfortunately I didn't take note of the date or time so I can't be sure. All I can say is that both additional times it happened the family was out to eat and my father recieved a call from the alarm company that the motion sensor inside the home had been triggered. Again, there is no explanation as to why it went off. We've all come to refer to it as "the ghost", as in, "the ghost is playing tricks again".

Blue Solstice

Paper Mache Dragon

Since this blog is about monsters, I thought I would post these clips I made of my making of a paper mache dragon for my nephew for Christmas.

(Yes, technically it's "Papier Mache", but most American simply say "Paper Mache")

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Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is the Winter Solstice, also called Midwinter, the shortest day of the year and the time in which the ancients believed the sun was reborn. From this day on the days will get longer until we reach the Summer Solstice, after which the days will grow shorter once more.

Winter Solstice 2009: Facts On Shortest Day Of Year

Today is also the Wiccan celebration of Yule, the Wiccan Midwinter festival celebrating the Winter Solstice and the rebirth of the sun.

Wishing Everyone Bright Blessings This Winter Solstice!

Bean Nighe

In Scottish folklore, the Bean Nighe, or Washer Woman, is fairy or spirit that acts as an omen of death and is similar in function to the Banshee.

Appearance: An old hag dressed in green, having webbed hands and/or feet, one nostril and one tooth.

Lore: The Bean Nighe is encountered by travelers who see the supernatural being washing bloody clothing in rivers and streams. If one is bold enough to ask her whose clothing she is washing, the Bean Nighe will respond with the name of the person who is about to die. If one is bolder still, and can sneak up on her and manage to suckle from her pendulous breasts, then one will be granted a wish from the Bean Nighe.

Though mostly considered to be a fairy, the Bean Nighe is also thought to be the spirit of a woman who has died in childbirth and who is cursed to roam the earth until the time of her appointed death.

Powers: Shape-shifting, invisibility, fairy glamour, death omen, and wish-granting.

Defense Against Bean Nighe: Bean Nighe is of no threat to humans. They do not cause human death, merely act death omens. This said, as fairies, Bean Nighe fear iron objects and salt.

Trivia: The belief in the Bean Nighe is ancient, dating back to the Irish goddess MorrĂ­gan, who once appeared to the hero CĂșchulainn as a hag washing bloody armour. The armor was his own, and the presence of the goddess was a death omen.

The Bean Nighe

Have Yourself A Scary Little Solstice

Sunday, December 20, 2009


In Irish folklore, a Banshee, or Bean Sidhe, is a fairy or spirit who acts as a death omen. Banshee means fairy woman.

Appearance: Banshees are rarely seen, however Banshees are believed to take the form of beautiful women, old hags, and various animals.

Lore: A Banshee is truly not a separate race or species of supernatural being, but rather a female fairy or spirit who acts as messenger and warns a family that the death of a loved one is near by her disembodied supernatural crying and wailing. The crying of multiple Banshees predicts the death of an important person.

Banshees generally have attached themselves to certain families such as the O'Neills, the O'Donnells, the O'Connors, the O'Learys, the O'Tools and the O'Connaghs. Each of these families have a long history of encounters with Banshees who mourn the soon-to-be passing of a family member.

Banshees can also become attached to various individuals they have admired for some unknown reason and may also warn of their deaths as well.

Although generally viewed as being fairies, Banshees are also thought to be the ghosts of family members who return to warn of a loved one's impending death.

Powers: Invisibility, shape-changing, fairy glamour

Defense Against Banshees: Banshees are no threat to humans and only warn people of impending deaths of a loved one. This said, as fairies they fear iron objects and salt.

The Legend Of The Banshee

Masters Of Horror - Dreams In The Witch House (2005)

H.P. Lovecraft's Dreams In The Witch House

A graduate student rents in a room in a house once owned by a witch in the 1700's and begins to suspect that her evil still dwells within.

To watch Dreams In The Witch House, click HERE.

Christmas Humor - Cthulhu Trapped

All I Want For Solstice Is My Sanity


Lob, or the Lubber Fiend, is a fairy-like being in English folklore. Other names for the creature include; Lubberkin, Lurdane, and Lob Lie-By-The-Fire.

Appearance: A large, hairy humanoid with a tail

Lore: Like other helpful fairies, Lob will perform various tasks around the house in exchange for milk or cream and a spot near the fire to warm himself.

Powers: Invisibility

Defense Against Lobs: Lobs are of no threat to humans, though they can be made to flee by a priest blessing the home. Like all fairies, Lobs fear iron objects and salt.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Great Race Of Yith

In the Cthulhu Mythos, The Great Race Of Yith is the most advanced race of extraterrestrials in existence, the only race to have mastered time travel.

Appearance: No one knows the form of their original bodies, as The Yithians have evolved to the point where they can transport their consciousness into other bodies across space and time.

Lore: The Yithians escaped their dying planet by projecting their consciousness into the dominate lifeforms on Earth, aeons ago. The bodies they found themselves inhabiting were cone-shaped and had features resembling starfish. The Yithian civilization on earth lasted approximately 200 million years, succumbing to other extraterrestrials called flying polyps. The Yithians did not go extinct, but rather chose their best minds to project forward in time to the earth's dominate lifeforms in the distant future, a race of insect-like beings.

In order to learn more about other extraterrestrial races, the Yithians will swap their consciousness with a member of an extraterrestrial race in order to learn more about their life. The hostage consciousness is eventually returned after having all of it's memories erased.

The Yithians great capital city on earth, Pnakotus, lies currently buried in Australia. The Yithians great knowledge has been kept in a much sought after volume called the Pnakotic manuscripts.

Powers: Advanced mental powers, ability to project their consciousness into a new body in any time or space, telepathy, advanced technology.

Defense Against The Great Race Of Yith: Practically none, though the Yithians are generally of no harm to humans, thought their interactions with a human might drive the human insane.

An interesting weakness of the Yithians is that some extraterrestrial minds are far too strange, different, or 'alien' for them to successfully project their consciousness into. The Yithians arch-enemies, the flying polyps is immune to Yithian projection.

Christmas Humor - All I Get Is A Kiss?

The Druids enacted a complicated ritual to harvest mistletoe, which they deemed sacred as well as having the power to heal all diseases and cure infertility.

Death To The World

This is one of my favorites!

Friday, December 18, 2009


In Irish folklore, the Grogoch is a being that is part human and part fairy, and which is attracted to human homes.

Appearance: A small, naked and hairy, bigfoot-like or troll-like entity

Lore: Grogoch's are drawn to human homes. Upon taking up residence in one, a Grogoch will help out by secretly doing all manner of odd jobs around the house when no one is around, which is usually at night. In exchange for such work the Grogoch is content with a bowl of milk or cream.

Powers: Invisibility

Defense Against Grogochs: Like all fairies, Grogochs fear iron objects and salt. Grogochs also fear the Church and can be driven off by a priest blessing the home. The presence of a Grogoch can be made known by the creature's horrible body odor.

Es Y'golonac


In the Chtulhu Mythos, Y'golonac is a Great Old One, the god of perversion and depravity. For this reason, he is referred to as, The Defiler.

Appearance: No one knows his true form. In order to manifest in this world, Y'golonac must possess a human host. When possession occurs, the host mutates into a hideous being in the form of a headless and morbidly obese naked man with a mouth in the palms of each hand.

For images of Y'golonak, click HERE and HERE.

Lore: The mere reading of Y'golonac's name is enough to summon him, so be careful. Those who harbor secret perversions, especially those who enjoy reading forbidden books of knowledge are most vulnerable to Y'golonac's influence. Such individuals are either destroyed by their evil desires, killed and eaten by Y'golonack or else made to serve him as his priests. For this reason the cult of Y'golonac is composed of very perverse and wicked individuals.

Fortunately for humanity Y'golonac is currently walled in behind a brick wall in an ancient ruined city, awaiting the time for the stars to change so that he might be freed. In his prison, Y'golonak sleeps and waits for the perverse and depraved to summon him so that he might temporarily feed before falling once more into his ancient slumber.

Powers: Y'golonak is capable of the most wicked, most perverse, and most depraved and insane powers ever dreamt possible.

Defense Against Y'golonak: Practically none, save the Elder Sign which repels him. Avoid reading his name and shy away from forbidden books, especially those pertaining to knowledge no man should be allowed to possess.

Of Y'golonac

Christmas Humor - Deck The Halls For Saturnalia

Saturnalia, the festival of the Roman god Saturn, celebrated December 17 - December 23, was one of the most popular of the Roman holidays. It is believed that some of the practices associated with Christmas actually originate with this pagan holiday.

At Saturnalia, people would decorate their homes with greenery and exchange gifts. Saturnalia was above all a time of fun and merriment where normal societal roles were reversed.

I'm Dreaming Of A Dead City

C.D.B. Bryan Passed Away (1936-2009)

Journalist and author C.D.B. Bryan has passed away at the age of 73.

Bryan, who is most remembered for his 1976 book Friendly Fire, became interested in the U.F.O phenomena after attending a 1992 UFO conference at M.I.T.

Bryan walked away with changed opinions on the subject. Bryan no longer believed individuals seeing UFOs and making claims of being abducted by aliens to be crazy. Later on, when Bryan sat in on several Hypnosis sessions with abduction researcher Budd Hopkins, Bryan realized that the standard response of the Hypnotist leading the patient into making up stories of abduction was also wrong.

Bryan's book, Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind: A Reporter's Notebook On Alien Abduction, UFOs, And The Conference At M.I.T., documents his experiences attending the conference, the information presented, and details the astounding possibility of dealing with a mysterious phenomenon that may in fact be true.

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Silent Night, Blasphemous Night

Tuatha De Danan

The Tuatha De Danann (Pronounced "Two-a-ha Day Dawn-an", and meaning, "The people of the goddess Danu"), are the old pagan Irish Gods-turned fairies of folklore.

Appearance: human-like

Lore: According to legend, the Tuatha De Danann descended from flying ships covered in dark clouds on May 1st (Beltane) in the distant past and attempted to colonize Ireland. (Later stories have them arrive by normal ship, surrounded by mist.) Unfortunately the land was already colonized by a race called the Fir Bolgs. The Tuatha and the Fir Bolgs fought a huge war, and the Fir Bolgs were defeated. In the process, the the Tuatha leader Nuada lost a hand. Nudada would later be given a new hand made of silver. The Tuatha claimed Ireland for their own. Unfortunately their claims for Ireland would soon be disputed with another race called the Formorians. For a time there was peace between the Tuatha and the Fomorians, and the two races even intermarried. Unfortunately the peace would not last. A major battle occurred between the Fomorians led by a monstrous leader named Balor, who had a magical eye that could kill, and Lugh, the then leader of the Tuatha. Lugh defeated and killed Balor and the Fomorians were then driven into the sea where they presumably still remain.

With the defeat of both the Fir Bolg and the Fomorians, the Tuatha thought their conquest of Ireland complete. They were wrong. Soon a third race, the Milesians (ancestors of the Irish) arrived and fought for control of the land. This time, the Tuatha De Dannan would be defeated. Out of desperation, the Tuatha De Dannan retreated into the Sidh (fairy mounds) to live under the earth in their underground kingdoms. With time, the Tuatha De Dannan would evolve into the fairies.

Powers: As gods, the Tuatha possess magical powers. The Tuatha also posses items imbued with magical qualities, such as a cauldron that is never empty of food, a sword that is guaranteed to kill it's target, a spear that never misses it's mark, and a stone that "roared", signifying the rightful king. Called the stone of destiny, this magical stone still stands on Tara hill.

Defense Against The Tuatha De Dannan: Like all fairies, the Tuatha De Dannan fear iron objects and salt.

Trivia: The Sidh, or fairy mounds, to which the Tuatha De Dannan retreated, have been investigated by archaeologists. It turns out that many of them are in fact pagan burial mounds. This fact lends credence to the theory that the fairies are the spirits of the pagan dead.

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In the Cthhulhu Mythos, Ithaqua is a powerful Great Old One who currently resides in the Arctic regions. Ithaqua is also referred to as, The Wind Walker.

Appearance: A gigantic, hairy, Yeti-like humanoid creature with sharp teeth and claws and with red, glowing eyes.

For images of Ithaqua, click HERE and HERE.

Lore: Ithaqua remains trapped in the Arctic regions awaiting the time when the stars are right and when he can once again roam the earth freely.

Ithaqua is served by a cult of human followers as well as a slave-race of reptilian creatures called Shantaks.

Ithaqua has been known to abduct people, especially human females which he uses in a hybridization-project. According to some, Ithaqua is creating hybrid offspring with human females in order to help free him and bring about the return of the Great Old Ones or because he is the last of his kind.

Powers: Too numerable to list here but Ithaqua possesses two powers that are of importance. Ithaqua has the power of traveling the cold stellar winds between planets and solar systems. Ithaqua has the power to grant immunity from cold to his human cultists.

Defense Against Ithaqua: Practically none, save the Elder Sign which repels him. However, the smartest thing to do would be to stay away from the Arctic regions where he currently resides.

Christmas Humor - Happy Solstice

O' Come All Ye Old Ones

Thursday, December 10, 2009


In Irish folklore, the Dullahan is a malevolent fairy, similar in function to the grim reaper.

Appearance: A black-robed and headless horseman, carrying his rotten head under his arms, and using a whip made from a human spinal chord. His chariot is made from human bones. The severed head is said to be the color and consistency of rotten dough or cheese and glows in the dark to light the Dullahan's way.

Lore: The Dullahan will ride to a person's property and then call out an individuals name. Upon doing so the named individual immediately falls down dead. According to legend, the only words a Dullahan can speak is the name of the victim.

Powers: Like all fairies, the Dullahan possess fairy glamour, though he rarely uses it. In addition any locked gate or door immediately opens upon the arrival of a Dullahan, allowing him access to his intended victim. The sighting of a Dullahan is a death omen.

Defense Against The Dullahan: Since the Dullahan is a fairy, iron objects and salt might come in handy. Unfortunately it seems that the Dullahan is a figure of death and as such it is likely that there is no means by which one can defend themselves against such an entity. However, one might want to attempt to cross a stream or river, per the reference below. Also, in at least one story, the Dullahan is frightened away by gold.

Trivia: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow may be based on such an entity.

The Dullahan

Hidden Ireland: The Dullahan

The Shoggoth Song


In the Cthulhu-Mythos, Shoggoths are a race of bio-engineered lifeforms created by the Elder Things for use as workers or servants.

Appearance: A giant, black, amoeba-like blob, capable of extending parts of itself to create tentacles, eyes, or any other appendage or shape it desires. The typical Shoggoth is said to be about 15 foot across, when formed into a ball, though there are tales of Shoggoths growing into larger sizes.

To view images of Shoggoths, click HERE and HERE.

Lore: Shoggoths were created by the Elder Things as a labor force. With time the Shoggoths mutated and evolved a consciousness. They rebelled against their former masters and along with the coming ice age, helped bring about the end of the Elder Thing's domination of planet Earth. The surviving Elder Things remain perhaps in suspended animation in their underwater cities but the Shoggoths have evolved to also be able to live on land.

Shoggoths are perhaps one of the scariest monsters in the Cthulhu Mythos.

Powers: A form of shape-shifting, or imitation, in which Shoggoths can extend parts of it's blob-like body into other shapes or forms. Shoggoths possess a rather weak form of intelligence and can also produce a form of speech.

Defense Against Shoggoths: Practically none, save the Elder Sign which repels them.

Away In A Madhouse

Cattle Mutilations In Colorado In The News

More reports of mysterious mutilated cattle...

Colorado Cattle Mutilations Baffle Ranchers, Cops, UFO Believer

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Brownies are a small type of house-hold fairy in the folklore of Scotland and parts of England.

Appearance: Small humanoid beings dressed in brown clothing, which is often tattered, and having brown skin, hair, and eyes. Sometimes these creatures are reported wearing clothing of other colors and of having other skin, hair, and eye pigmentation.

Lore: Brownies are nocturnal spirits that can be helpful around the house as long as they are respected and are not offended. Brownies will come out at night to do chores and to perform other help around the house. Under no circumstances should they be payed or rewarded for their service. Doing so will result in these fairies leaving the house for good. They only thing Brownies will accept from humans is small food offerings, but the home owners should be well advised to never speak of such as being payment for the Brownies' services.

Brownies live in uninhabited parts of the home and do not like humans spying on them. For this reason Brownies only come out at night, when humans are asleep.

Though usually benevolent toward humans, Brownies can prove mischievous, especially if the home owners are lazy or are lapse with their cleaning chores. If the resident Brownies are disrespected they are likely to lash out at the homeowners by performing small pranks, scaring animals and children and taking and hiding objects, like car keys for example.

Powers: Brownies posses fairy glamour and the power of invisibility. Of course they are well known for their nightly aid with the chores.

Defense Against Brownies: Brownies, like all fairies, fear iron objects and salt. However, the easiest way to get rid of Brownies is to offer them payment for their services. Leave out an offering of food, clothing, or other item and specifically call out to them saying this is payment for their help. They will quickly pack-up and leave the home.

Trivia: The chocolate dessert called Brownies received it's name from the food offerings, in the form of small cakes, left out for these supernatural creatures.

The Origin Of The Brownies (Ladies' Home Journal, Nov. 1892)

Obama Is Nyarlathotep - Change is Coming

Well, There are people who think that Obama is the Antichrist. Such people are horribly deluded. Everyone knows that Obama is Nyarlathotep!


In the Chtulhu Mythos, Nyarlathotep is a powerful Outer God, the messenger or servant of the other Outer Gods, sent to earth to enact their will. Nyarlahotep is also referred to as, The Crawling Chaos.

Appearance: Nyarlathotep's true form is said to be too maddening to behold. Like Yidhra, Nyarlathotep prefers to appear in the form of a human, in this case a swarthy or dark skinned man, similar in appearance to the Pharaohs of old.

Lore: Nyarlathotep acts as the messenger of the Outer Gods on earth, enacting their will. Nyarlathotep is the most human-like of all Outer Gods and even Great Old Ones, which ironically makes him even more dangerous. It is believed that Nyarlathotep is ultimately working to bring about the destruction of the world and of humanity.

Nyarlathotep is also the infamous "Black Man" whom witches were believed to make pacts with in exchange for supernatural powers.

Powers: Too numerous to list, though one of his greatest abilities is his charisma and charm. Nyarlathotep also has excellent speaking abilities, able to sway the masses to his side. Nyarlathotep delights in driving people insane. Nyarlthotep is also a shape-shifter.

Defense Against Nyarlathotep: Practically none, save for the Elder Sign which repels him.

The Thing (1982)

Okay, so this movie isn't exactly Lovecraft, but the only element missing is a cult. If we throw in a cult dedicated to worshipping the shape-shifting alien lifeform in The Thing, then we would have classic Lovecraft.

The Thing is based on the novella, Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell Jr. I still believe that Campbell was influenced by Lovecraft, but some would disagree.

Fans of the movie will be happy to learn that a prequel is in the works, set at the time when the Norwegians discovered the crashed UFO and frozen alien, prior to the Americans becoming involved.

The Holly King

The Holly King is a modern mythical figure, similar to a god or fairy, and is portrayed as a personification of Winter.

Appearance: Despite his association with Winter, the Holly King is portrayed more closer in appearance to archaic representation of Santa Claus or to the Roman god Saturn, with holly leaves and berries in his hair. Other people have imagined the Holly King to be closer to a Green Man in appearance, with Holly leaves composing or sprouting from his face and body.

You can view images of the Holly King by clicking HERE and HERE.

Lore: The Holly King is in an eternal struggle against his arch nemesis, the Oak King for dominion over the world. The pair routinely battle, with the Holly King winning the battle at the Summer Solstice and then suffering defeat at the Winter Solstice, thus the Holly King and Oak King both rule half of the year.

Powers: The Holly King, as a personification of Winter, rules over the forces of Nature associated with the season.

Defense Against The Holly King: None.

Trivia: The Holly King, as a mythic figure, is the product of the imagination of poet/author Robert Graves, and featured in his book, The White Goddess. The Holly King is completely a modern invention and is only a creature of modern folklore, adopted mainly by the Wiccan and NeoPagan community. Also of note, in many Wiccan and NeoPagan households, The Holly King, has replaced or absorbed the traditional role of Santa Claus or else both mythic figures have been merged into one entity.

The Holly King

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In the Cthulhu Mythos, Yidhra is a powerful Outer God. Yidhra is also referred to as, The Dream Witch.

Appearance: Yidhra prefers the appearance of a beautiful and seductive woman, however very few people have seen her true monstrous form.

Lore: Yidhra came to the planet before life evolved. She is worshipped as a goddess by her followers. Yidhra's cult is world-wide, with factions located in the United States in Texas and New Mexico.

Powers: Yidhra's powers are vast and include shape-shifting, thought projection, and the ability to provide bountiful crops and healthy livestock to her worshippers. When Yidhra devours a lifeform she acquires the ability to shape-shift into that creature, or to reproduce bodily parts of that creature. Such quality is similar to the monster in John Carpenter's The Thing. Yidhra can bestow a form of immortality upon her worshippers, by merging with them. Such quality is probably the same as her ability to reproduce any quality of an animal after ingesting them.

Defense Against Yidhra: Practically none, save the Elder Sign which repels her.

Into The Crypt

Christmas Humor - Solstice

The Winter Solstice this year is December 21.

Monday, December 7, 2009


In Slavic or Eastern European folklore, Rusalka is a dangerous female fairy-like being that dwells in lakes and rivers.

Appearance: With the passage of time Rusalki (plural) have become confused with mermaids, so it is possible to hear people speak of the Rusalki as if they are mermaids. However, traditionally the Rusalki are not mermaid-like in appearance.

There are two basic forms of the Rusalki, one which appears as a beautiful and seductive woman and one in which appears ugly or hideous, like as a drowned corpse. Some describe the Rusalki as having eerie, green-glowing eyes.

For images of a Rusalka, click HERE and HERE.

Lore: According to tradition, the Rusalki are the spirits of drowned girls. Rusalki delight in drowning men and children, usually tricking or luring them to the water beforehand.

Like many fairies, the Rusalki sometimes do take human lovers. Unfortunately most of such unions end tragically for the human. As is usually the case, the Rusalka extracts a promise from her mortal lover and when such promise is broken, the Rusalka reveals herself to be the supernatural creature she is, often taking the life of the human in the process.

Rusalki are said to spend half of the year in the water (Autumn & Winter) and spend the other half of the year (Spring & Summer) on land, usually dwelling in trees, laughing and communicating with one another and only coming out on nights with a new moon to dance in the forest and meadows.

Rusalki are spawned by the drowning deaths of young girls, young women who commit suicide by drowning themselves, or young women who have died violent deaths near bodies of water. Rusalki are undead creatures, somewhat similar to vampires, who seek revenge against the living by drowning people. In some legends the vampire-like quality is emphasized by the claims that the Rusalka steals or devours her victim's souls.

Powers: The Rusalka's deadly power resides in her embrace. As a water spirit, to embrace a Rusalka is to drown. Rusalki possess fairy glamour and enchantment, using it to secure their human prey. The Rusalki can also hypnotize with her singing, luring victims to their doom. In some legends hearing the laughter of a Rusalka is fatal. Rusalki do have one beneficial power, mainly that of blessing or fertilizing the ground they walk upon. Any area of dirt or field that a Rusalka has tread upon will be especially fertile the next growing season.

Defense Against Rusalki: One can distinguish a Rusalka from an ordinary mortal woman by the fact that her hair will be constantly wet, and for a rightly purpose. It is believed that a Rusalka will die if her hair is allowed to dry. Rusalki are so similar to fairies that iron objects and salt may prove effectual in repelling them. According to folklore, fern placed in the hair while bathing in rivers or lakes will prevent a Rusalka from drowning the bather. The only sure way to stop a Rusalka is to avenge the ghost's murder, assuming the Rusalka wasn't spawned from a suicide.

Trivia: The name Rusalka comes from the Rosalia, the festival of Roses, the period in the month of June where these spirits are said to be quite active.


In the Cthulhu Mythos, Shub-Niggurath is an Outer God. Shub-Niggurath is usually portrayed as female and one of her most common epithets is, "The Black Goat Of The Woods With A Thousand Young".

Appearance: Lovecraft originally described Shub-Niggurath as an "evil black cloud". However, with the growth of the Cthulhu Mythos and of the added works of other mythos-inspired authors, Shub-Niggurath has grown to become perceived as a gigantic, black hovering mass of fleshy tentacles, mouths, eyes, and goat legs.

Lore: Shub-Niggurath is the inspiration behind the worship of all mother goddesses of old. Shub-Niggurath is worshipped as a god by several species of intelligent life in the universe, including humans and Mi-Go.

Shub-Niggurath has multitudes of offspring which appear somewhat like trees with goat hooves. Such monstrosities are said to dwell in forests and wooded areas.

There is some confusion between Shub-Niggurath and "The Black Goat". It is possible that the two are separate entities, or even that "The Black Goat" is an avatar of Shub-Niggurath.

Powers: Shub-Niggurath can grant immortality to her worshippers in a special ritual in which the human is ingested and then later excreted as a changed being, somewhat satyr-like in appearance.

Defense Against Shub-Niggurath: Practically none, save the Elder Sign which repels her.

A Lovecraft Dream

Laurie Cabot Explains The Famous Witch Photo

In the April, 1979, issue of National Geographic, an iconic image of Laurie Cabot, the official witch of Salem, and her coven was published. The photograph shows a strange, blue electric arc through the bottom of the image. To view the photograph, click HERE.

Below is Laurie Cabot's explanation for the events.

Modern Witches (Wiccans) cast a circle of protection before carrying out their rites. Such circle is believed composed of blue energy, which shields the participants from any negative agent or entity which may interfere with their work.

Christian Father Arrested For Torturing Daughter He Believed Was A Witch

A Coventry man has been jailed for the beating and torturing of his daughter whom he believed was a witch.

The unidentified man claimed his daughter had the power to cause people to fall asleep and that he first suspected she was a witch when he caught her talking to herself.

The father admitted speaking to his minister about the situation, claiming that he wasn't able to "get through to her".

The man is accused of bounding, gagging, and torturing his daughter by burning her with candle wax and melted plastic, beating her with a stick, and of cutting her with a knife.

The victim was found with multiple bruises, burns and cuts on her body.

The father has been sentenced to eight years in jail.

Christians Jailed For Torturing 'Witch' Daughter

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Photographing Fairies (1997)

A grief-stricken man experiences the supernatural in this twisted and remarkable tale.

Cu Sith

In Irish and Scottish folklore, the Cu Sith or Fairy Hound, is a large and fearsome dog with supernatural powers.

Appearance: The Irish envisioned the Cu Sith (Cu Sidhe) as a black dog with glowing eyes. To the Scottish the Cu Sith was a dog the size of a calf with green fur. In traditional Celtic myth, the fairy hounds are believed to be dogs with white fur and one red ear and one red eye.

Lore: Cu Sith roam the land performing tasks for their fairy masters, such as aiding in hunting as well as abducting human women to take back to the fairy realms. It is believed these women are used to nurse fairy offspring.

Powers: Cu Sith are completely silent when hunting. It is likely that Cu Sith can become invisible or disappear at will.

Defense Against Cu Sith: Like all fairies, Cu Sith fear iron objects and salt.


In the Cthulhu Mythos, the K'Yanians are a species of extraterrestrials who colonized earth in the prehistoric past.

Appearance: The K'Yanians are humanoid and similar to Native Americans in appearance.

Lore: The K'Yanians live in a vast, underground nation, called K'Yan, located underneath the modern state of Oklahoma, in the U.S.

The K'Yanians once freely interacted with humans, however since the sinking of Atlantis the race has decided to cut off all contact with the surface world.

The K'Yanians are believed to have morally and ethically devolved with time.

Powers: Immortality, telepathy, teleportation, mind-powers, and advanced technology.

Defense Against K'Yanians: Practically none, though K'Yanians are of no current threat to humanity.

Freddy The Red Brained Mi-Go


In the Cthulhu Mythos, the Mi-Go are a race of intelligent, extraterrestrial fungi.

Appearance: Mi-Go, although fungal life-forms, have an appearance similar to certain crustaceans like shrimp or prawns. They possess wings and instead of a head possess an organ composed of tentacles or feelers. To view a drawing of a Mi-Go, click HERE.

Lore: Mi-Go colonized Yuggoth (Pluto) in the distant past and visit earth from time-to-time, with a few even remaining on the planet. Mi-Go delight in stealing human brains which they keep in metal cylinders as well as performing other experiments on unfortunate human victims.

Powers: Advanced Technology, can hibernate until conditions are favorable

Defense Against Mi-Go: Mi-Go can be killed by normal means.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


In Cornish folklore, Spriggans are a type of dangerous fairy, ill-tempered toward humanity.

Appearance: Spriggans normally appear as small, wizened humanoid creatures.

Lore: It's the Spriggan's job to punish humanity when they have offended or trespassed against the fairy realm. As such, the Spriggans are known to cause all manner of human hardships, from failed crops, to the sickening of people & livestock, to the kidnapping of human children and the leaving behind of a changeling in it's place. Some people describe Spriggans as the bodyguards of the fairy realm.

Additionally, Spriggans delight in leading human travelers astray, and into situations that can prove fatal, such as leading an unsuspecting human victim off a cliff or into a swamp where they will get mired down and drown. While tricking human victims in this fashion, the Spriggans will often appear as a Ignis Fatuus, or fairy lights.

As far as the origin of the Spriggans are concerned, some people are of the opinion that Spriggans are the ghosts of the old giants who were responsible for shaping the formations of the land.

An interesting tidbit of information is the lore that Spriggans are said to guard a vast hoard of fairy treasure. It would be best not to attempt to steal any of it!

Powers: Fairy glamour, the ability to tremendously increase their physical size at will, from a small dwarf-like creature into a giant.

Defense Against Spriggans: Like all fairies, Spriggans fear iron objects and salt.

The Spriggans

I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth


"Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where they shall break through again. He knows where they have trod earth's fields, and where they still tread them, and why no one can behold them as they tread."
-H.P. Lovecraft, The Dunwich Horror

In the Cthulhu Mythos, Yog-Sothoth is a powerful Outer God.

Appearance: A mass of glowing bubbles connected by vile tentacled "flesh".

Lore: Yog-Sothoth is an extremely powerful being, worshipped as a god under various names by many species of intelligent life in the universe, including humans. Yog-Sothoth is all-seeing and all-knowing and spans all dimensions, existing in the past, present and future simultaneously. Yog-Sothoth knows when the Great Old Ones left and when they shall return again. Not only does Yog-Sothoth know when the Great Old Ones shall return, but he is the gate, the means by which they shall return.

Powers: Power over all time and space

Defense Against Yog-Sothoth: Practically none, save the Elder Sign which repels him.

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