Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Horse-Hung "Happy To See You" Devil Statue Removed From Vancouver Highway

The statue of the Devil with a massively satanic hard-on has been removed.

Kate Hudson Claims She And Her Celebrity Mom See Dead People

Kate Hudson claims she and her mother, Goldie Hawn, have the ability to see and communicate with spirits of dead people.

Couple Claims Microwave Is Possessed

The door opens by itself. It turns itself on. Eerie flashes of blue light and sparks. The microwave is possessed!

Woman Claims Moved 7 Times To Avoid Panty Stealing Ghost

A woman claimed she had to move 7 times to try to avoid a ghost that would steal her panties and even use the shower.

Nicholas Cage Bought Notorious LaLaurie Mansion In New Orleans

He hoped it would inspire him to write a horror novel. I'm assuming he no longer owns the mansion. The LaLaurie mansion is the same mansion featured in last season of American Horror Story: Coven. It was the location of a serious of horrible slave abuses and murders carried out by Madame Delphine LaLaurie.

Human Skull Dropped Off At Goodwill Store In Texas

Police are investigation a human skull that was dropped off as a charitable donation to a Goodwill store in Austin, TX. The owner of the skull appears to have died at least two years ago.

Homophobic Monk May Be Figment Of Imagination

Reports of a monk leaving homophobic pamphlets may not be true. At least one man is suggesting that the monk is a phantom and doesn't actually exist.

Mysterious Lights Seen After Napa Earthquake

Bay area residents report strange flashes of light after earthquake.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun - First Reported Case Of Ebola Confirmed In Texas

Edinburg UFO Conference 2014 - The Truth Behind Roswell

Disclosure Media Network - The Real Area 51 With Tom Carey And Don Schmitt

Del Rio UFO Festival 2014 - Stan Friedman

Let He Who Is With Sin Cast Many Stones

Tales of invisible, demonic stone-throwers are told in the following article. One such incident even led to a witch hunt.

Satanist Recounts Horrific Murder/Suicide Pact

The twisted thoughts and actions of a Satanist are recounted when he confesses to the brutal slaying of two women and of his failed suicide attempt.

OMG! Werewolf Cat!

Meet the werewolf cat.

Cosmic Whistleblowers - The Last Roswell Witnesses

Monday, September 29, 2014

Podcast UFO - Bruce Maccabee On FBI-CIA UFO Connection

Andy Kaufman Faked His Death Claims Friend With New Book

Bob Zmuda, friend of Kaufman and author, claims that Kaufman faked his death and planned on returning circa 30 years later.

London Chef Creates Burger That Tastes Like Human Flesh

How do they know what human flesh tastes like?

Witch Finger Grapes

A new, elongated form of grapes have been created. They are called, "witch fingers".

American Supernatural

New paranormal series premieres October, 5, 2014, at 9 PM CST on The Weather Channel.

Indian Girl May Be Victim Of Spontaneous Human Combustion

The young girl went outside to relieve herself when nearby people were alerted by her screams. The young girls was up in flames with seemingly no explanation as to why.

Woman Feared Buried Alive In Greece

A woman who was pronounced dead and quickly buried is believed to have been buried alive. Witnesses claimed to have heard muffled noises. By the time rescuers could reach her over an hour had passed and she was officially dead.

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