Monday, January 26, 2015

Texas Man Claims To Have Narrowly Escaped Abduction By Aliens, Claims Pictures As Proof

Ronny Dawson claims he barely avoided being abducted by aliens and managed to take pictures as proof.


MUFON Wants World Database To Track UFOs

MUFON believes a world database of UFO sightings will be helpful in investigating the UFO phenomenon.

Man Arrested For Assaulting "Demonic" Preacher

Michael Munoz allegedly assaulted a preacher he believed was demonic. Munoz repeatedly punched the preacher, smashed his phone, and then fled before being arrested.

Medium Claims To Have Captured Picture Of Slender Man

I guess nobody told the medium that Slender Man is a made up monster created on the creepypasta website.

The Best X-Files Episodes To Watch Before The Reboot

Brush up on your X-Files before the reboot next year.

Farmer Claims Found Bodies Of Chupacabras

A farmer in Chile claims to have found the remains of two chupacabras.

Retired Police Officer Claims He Saw Bigfoot As A Child

The retired officer was 8 years-old and on a camping trip in California.

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