Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Children's Book Teaches Children The Fun Of Having An Aborted Sibling

A new children's book has been released in which the boy character is taught by his parents that he had a sister who his mom aborted before having him and that "ghost sister" is all around and can be everything and anything. The book was written by a liberal trying to instill a pro-choice opinion in small children.


Do You Believe In Ghosts? Are You Looking For Mr. Or Mrs. Right?

Now there's there's a dating site just for you!


Man Claims Dead Wife Continues To Nag Him From Beyond The Grave

What ever happened to "til death do us part?"


How To Deal With Psychic Vampires In Your Life

Coping strategies.


There Are Vampires In New Orleans (And NYC)

Or should I say there are people who claim to be vampires.


The United States Of Hoodoo (2012)

A documentary on how African spirituality has effected American culture.


Chasing The Shadows (2009)

Documentary filmmaker Tim Schultz goes on a journey to discover if the ghost he saw as a child was real.


Monday, March 30, 2015

Carol's Cookie Recipe From The Walking Dead

Salem Season 2 - Witch War

WGN's hit series, Salem, returns for a second season starting on April 5, 2015. The second season is titled, Witch War.

Brush up on season one below.

Season 2 trailer:

Salem Theme - Marilyn Manson

If you enjoy the theme song to the series Salem then here is the entire song. It's Marilyn Manson's "Cupid Carries A Gun".

Salem: Season One Special

Witch Livid Over Witches Charging For Spells

A series of articles has exposed the insane ignorance of modern self-styled witches who are closer to Fundamentalist Christians than any pagan religion of the past. Should witches charge for spells? The overwhelming majority of Wiccans claims one should never charge money or exchange goods for spells. Yet ironically and historically the "witch or practitioner for hire" has always been associated with witchcraft and is the main activity of witches and other magical practitioners. The term "craft" means art, skill, practice or trade. The last three, skill, practice or trade, all refer to a service that is rendered in exchange for profit or the exchange of goods. An art, skill, practice or trade is how a person makes a living. An art, skill, practice or trade does not mean "religion". The real practitioners of magical systems have always charged for services. Only members of modern made-up religions such as Wicca object to historical truths because what they do is not based in historical truth but rather an invented fantasy.




Nurses Discuss Paranormal Experiences

Every wonder what sort of paranormal  experiences nurses and medical professionals experience on the job?


Real Vampires Studied By Researchers

Researchers are studying alleged and self-styled real vampires.


Friday, March 27, 2015

X-Files Reboot Is Likely To Disappoint Fans

FOX has officially confirmed the anticipated reboot of The X-Files will air in 2016. Now for the bad news. It will only be 6 hours in length. That could translate to 6 episodes or it could air as a miniseries over three nights. If that does't bum you then this news should. There are currently no scripts and Chris Carter has admitted he doesn't know what he's going to do, nor who is going to be involved. Shooting starts this summer.



Hoodoo Conjure: Low Country Shamanism | Conjure Doctor, Root Doctor, Goofer Dust - African Rituals

Okay, the first part of the show is good. About midway in the author starts making some mistakes that I need to point out.

1. Hoodoo is not confined to the coastal regions of the Carolinas or Georgia. Hoodoo is found all across the South, everywhere there were slaves from Virginia to Oklahoma and everywhere in between. Additionally, after slavery it was then spread to the north when freed slaves and their families moved to the north in search of employment.

2. Hoodoo is not entirely an African-derived practice. The author seems clueless of the huge impact of European folk magic and even Native American practices that were merged with African practices to create hoodoo.

3. The author's main informant appears to be a white man, one "Doc Coyote". This is problematic and more than likely represents another case of white academia using a white go-between to inform him and his readers of black culture. If the majority of practitioners of hoodoo are black then I strongly suggest you have black informants as your main sources or information.

4. Hoodoo is not a system of magic that was left over after his religion was stripped away due to the slave trade. As I mentioned above, hoodoo is conglomeration of African, European and Native American elements.

5. The author was too polite regarding the question of Wicca and semi-implied that hoodoo and Wicca are on equal grounds are are more similar than they are dissimilar, which is not the case at all. The difference is night and day. One is a legitimate tradition and one is a modern invention. In my opinion when he was asked about Wicca he should have just said something along the lines of, "They are in no ways similar" and leave it at that.

6. Graveyard dirt is not primarily used to get the qualities you want for yourself as the author repeatedly states. This is a modern invention and not part of traditional hoodoo. Graveyard dirt is part of working with a spirit to accomplish an end. It can be used for good or bad. However, most practitioners use graveyard dirt as part of enemy work or to protect themselves. For enemy work the graves of sinners or evil people are chosen. For protection, the graves of family members are often used. There's a whole complicated lore of gathering and using graveyard dirt that the author seems ignorant of which reveals that the author is probably being fed wrong information by his white informant.

7. The author is ignorant that "New Orleans Voodoo" is not a real tradition, but rather a modern invention similar to how Wicca is. The traditional practice in New Orleans, as well as Louisiana and the rest of the South, is hoodoo, not Voodoo.

8. The author presents nothing new. Everything the author speaks about is available for free online. I think I will pass on purchasing and reading this book.

Stanton Friedman (03-17-05) Government UFO Lies

Bud Hopkins (12-14-04) Medical Evidence and the UFO Abduction Phenomenon

Jim Marrs (04-15-98) What Is the Alien Agenda?

John Greenwald (03-15-00) Inside the Black Vault

Professor Claims To Have Solved Oklahoma Spooklight Sightings

Dr. Allan Rice claims to have solved the mystery and will unveil his findings in a documentary that will be released on April 3, 2015.


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