Friday, February 27, 2015

Rapper Azealia Banks Comes Out Of The Broom Closet

Azealia Banks is not a stranger to controversy. Now she is claiming that she is a witch. She's not talking about Wicca or any of the b.s. stuff invented by white people who then lie and claim that what they do is thousands of years old or is "Traditional Witchcraft". It's not. That's all b.s. invented in the 1950s. Instead, Azealia's talking about old-school African (and Jewish) folk magic and African traditional religions and practices.

Man Arrested For Breaking Store Windows Over Fear Of Zombies

A Brooklyn man was arrested for smashing store windows because he believed the zombie apocalypse was occurring. The man was intoxicated.

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Organ Stealing Urban Legends Are True - Man Awakens To Find Testicles Were Stolen

All the tales of organ theft were dismissed as urban legends. However, now it has become reality. A Russian man awoke to discover his testicles were gone. He had previously met a beautiful young blonde woman.

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